Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pick 'n' Mix....

From one of my Favourite sellers on Etsy, is this beautiful series of prints done by irenesuchocki. She is having a sale at the moment where you can buy any four 5x4 or 5x7 prints for $30.00 off the original price. I just love them and am about to go and purchase some. I am definitely getting the Eiffel tower, Merry-go-round, City of love and one of her tree ones I think.
Just a quick post today, as I have visitors shortly and have to ice the Chocolate cake.
Have a fantastic day....Ness xx


  1. Lucky visitors, I love chocolate cake!!

  2. Am heading off to this site right now Ness - they are so gorgeous!
    Millie ^_^

  3. I still cian't decide which four I am getting. I had another look and changed my mind, theres so many beautiful ones. Ness xx

  4. Ness, thank you for introducing me to this amazing artist. I have a feeling i'll be definately purchasing one of these sets. GORGEOUS!

    Anna :)

  5. I had a feeling you would like, Anna...have fun deciding, I can't!! Ness xx


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