Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An old Gem?....

You could be mistaken for thinking this is an old stately home in the US, but actually it is a new house!! The owners have gone to great lengths to make this home look like it has been there for ages.....yep, they built it from scratch.

Nearly everything in this home is recycled, or a reproduction find. This Fire screen is an antique re-fashioned as a decorative, yet useful feature in the Master Bedroom. I love that chair

Ooooh...be still my beating heart. This would usually be more red than I could cope with, but I have always loved Barn Red. Here in the Kitchen they have not one, but two islands (they have 6 kids). The red one with marble top is for pastry making. The other is a butcher topped one for prep and is filled with gumballs and the like to look like an old fashioned candy store (I think it would make a great shop counter). I just love this room. It is such a warm, inviting space.

Here is the other end of the Master Bedroom. My kind of space. Vintage linens are a plenty, and the window seat is divine. The old trunk looks so interesting...I wonder where it came from?

What a fantastic area to entertain in. Because of the outdoor fireplace, you could use this as an all year space. Loads of wicker seating have given this casual space a 'kick off your shoes and curl up' feel...so homely.
Ness xx


  1. I am very big on interior style spaces working outside - I love the open fireplace with the comfortable seating area.

  2. What a lovely place. Love how they decorated and that outdoor fireplace would be heaven!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I agree ~ I love the outdoor space! Simply beautiful and so inviting.
    ~Miss Kris~

  4. Oh wow isnt that brilliant. That outdoor fireplace certainly does tickle my fancy. Would just Luuurve one of those - imagine just having a few friends over in the cooler months and sharing a vino by the fire! Mel xxx

  5. A lovely place! The outdoor space is amazing. Amanda x

  6. Certainly one of my favourite houses - gotta love country home! I really love the window seats in the bedroom xx

  7. This house is exactly my taste.
    Their attention to detail is to be commended.
    They really achieved the authentic charm of a much older home.


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