Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rooms that make me go mmmmm!

image via Camilla
I would love a work space like this. Pure, simple, stunning and thought provoking with plenty of natural light and a fabulous wing chair in Linen. The silver French Lamp works well to give a bit of sparkle to the white space along with the silver light shade, which on my Computer looks like a colander!!! That rack on the wall is a fantastic idea as a file. LOVE IT ALL
While I am on the work room idea. I found this recently at An Angel At My Table blog and then just about died when I found out this is in Mari's Carport/Garage!!! Note to self * build a carport like this to have as my workspace with all the items shown included * LOVE IT ALL TOO!
Ah, Tricia. A favourite Designer from way back. I love her long island home and have pinched loads of inspiring ideas from this project. Note to self * look for an old Priest collar to put in a frame like what is on Tricia's mantel * LOVE IT

image Nancy Fishelson
Deep breath...what is not to love about this room? I adore the display on top of the small cupboard with the sign tucked in behind the magnificent display of white Lilly's, the dress makers form in black as an anchor for the room, the floaty curtains on the cute windows, the lovely old shelf supports used in the doorway......
Ness xx


  1. wow wee wow!!! I love the one with the paper roll. I could do that in my store. And everytime i see an ampersand I think of my friend Janet who collects them. Thanks, Heidi

  2. Just found your blog. Love the white!! It's so calm and soothing. We, also, do mostly, whites, greys, linen, burlap, etc. Will certainly be back.

  3. Am so loving that 1st you think i could add it to my blog and pretend its me lol !!! Mel xxx (if only you could see the complete & utter chaos/mess in our office/computer room),

  4. These are all people's images that I just adore!!! Sometimes I don't believe that people from all over love the same things....Luv C xx

  5. Love love love this post. Your title was perfect!! Thanks for sharing Camilla's blog, I've added her to mine. Have an great day!

  6. Beautiful photos today! I love the architectural detail in the archway of the last photo! Simply gorgeous... all of it!

  7. i could curl up in that linen chair and,read,read - forget working, i am tired of that !!

    lovely post as always Ness xv

  8. I would curl up in that linen chair, read, read - forget working, i am tired of that!!!
    Lovely post as always Ness xv

  9. Oh you have such fabulous taste... all so gorgeous and dreamy... I love how you point out what you love about each image... as we all see different things, it makes me look closer at the things I could have missed. A-M xx

  10. Mel I am sure your work room is as lovely as your should see mine!!

  11. thanks for stopping by Marcie, I have had a quick peek at your site and it looks great I will have to go back and have a better look.

    A-M, I am glad that you don't mind me pointing out all the things I like...sometimes I think it might annoy people, I just get carried away. Ness xx

  12. I love the work space, and the work room. Someday....

  13. Ness, how I love the linen chair on the first picture. Beautiful shape + linen. Great post

  14. Oh yes, I love that linen covered chair too - just beautiful. If only my workspace looked so neat and tidy!

  15. I agree with Viera, that chair in the first picture is wonderful. It looks wonderful paired with the simple wood table and the mercury glass pendant.
    I also like the idea of the partial wall with the window in it. Great ideas.
    I need to clean up my office!



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