Monday, November 17, 2008

Some Inspiration

I need some inspiration as we get to crunch time with our plans. I am certain we will have a chandelier over the table in our white Kitchen...not as flash as this one though.
image- via Cote De Texas
This is more the scale of our own. It is black at the may become white! That table setting is gorgeous.

image- via The Laurel Hedge
Millie at The Hedge done a great post a few days ago on Banquet seating, which got me thinking. I seem to have sort of convinced Mic on the idea to free up some space in our Dining area, which is attached to the Kitchen, that this is a good idea. Except I would like drawers under neath for storage.

I LOVE these cushions and I think they would look great in the renovation...anywhere!

image - unknown
This is beautiful. These are the handles I want on our Kitchen doors with the little knobs to match. I would like to make a feature out of our centre island with some corbels under the overhang....oh, I can't wait.
Ness xx


  1. Love these images.
    Also love the idea of a bench on one side of you farm house table. Just one is a challenge for the people sitting in the middle. Other than that it's a great place for storage, and works well for the kids!


  2. Hi Ness arent these beautiful. I am trying to convince my hubby to move the lounges out of one of our lounge rooms and bring in a big long table and of course if will have to have a big chandy over it too. Will keep working on that plan. Maybe we will set it up like that for xmas day and it will "just" stay like that for the rest of the year. Mel xxx

  3. very inspiring! That last picture of the kitchen...perfection!

  4. Ness, I'm completely in love with the chairs in the first pic. Divine.

  5. I really like the third picture, the bench design for the table is a great idea. It's a modern take on the more traditional dinner seating arrangement.

    Nice pics and post.



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