Friday, November 14, 2008

Wet French Knickers!!!

...that's what nearly happened when I seen this Home owned by the fantastic Gaynor Groome, who owns the even more fabulous 'Shades of Pale' in Sydney.

I have so many great ideas from this space for our impending reno. I am loving the Spanish legs on this table and those cute little wreaths. Just divine. I bet there will be some merry clanging of glasses in here over the festive season.

Those pewter-finish cast iron stools came from a French bar...I need to find one Pronto! The colour of the cabinets looks so nice against Gaynors custom mixed wall fresh and beautiful. Tracey from Porchlight Interiors has a thing at the moment for black Kitchens...I wonder if she peed too!!

A fabulous use for an old garden urn. Gaynor can turn anything into a lamp, and has done so here with this French candlestick.

There are those Spanish legs again. I love her sense of style...not over styled or forced, just naturally beautiful...and she is not formally trained either.

This room is stunning and the bed is a star player. The fan on the sideboard is a piece of art in its self.

I didn't even notice the great lamp that Gaynor made from a French Fire dog. The first thing I saw was the suitcase (I have a thing at the moment)...tut tut!!

Christie's Ad or what?

Ahh! Belgian Linen sofa, crystal drop Chandelier and a fabulous Armoire just make any room don't you think? I could be inspired in here for days.

Another of Gaynor's lamps, is this one made from a wicker wrapped Demijohn. I love this sideboard and blogged about the exact piece in one of my first posts...what is wrong with Santa these days??

You are welcomed to Gaynor's' home by this fabulous display tressel table which is topped by an old elm warehouse door. The wicker baskets hold their wine. The candlesticks are made from Victorian cotton reels. Love the lamp base.

This magnificent basket once carried grapes in a vineyard at harvest.
I have been SO inspired by this home, that I am saving all of these pictures to hang on my inspiration board so I can see light at the end of our dusty reno tunnel. I hope this will see me through and keep me on the path of a dream.
Have a fantastic weekend, Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness.
    Another great home that feels collected over time.
    The old baskets and luggage have such a wonderful aged feel.
    I think the urn as a side table is fantastic, and the old stools in the kitchen are so unusual. Love them.
    Thank you again.


  2. Who lives in that kind of perfection!?! Not me that's for sure, although it would be heaven! Oh well, maybe when the baby is grown & I can teach my husband to pick up after himself! Beautiful post Ness! As always! You make me want to go clean my living room!

  3. This house is simply beautiful isn't it? I also mentioned it in a blog I did a few days ago on black kitchens.
    I really wanted to visit Shades of Pale last time I was in Sydney (for work) but didn't have time (although I did go to Parterre Garden - bliss!). It will make sure I get there next time I visit.

  4. Wow- beautiful! I think I will redo my entire living room- but I say that every time I see another lovely post. Thanks for sharing this one.

  5. That kitchen is fabulous - love the barstools! Will definately be getting this issue of HB after seeing this gorgeous post! Tracey x

  6. Love it Ness & I agree there were so many beautiful images...a great issue! Have a fab weekend. Amanda x

  7. You have been busy Ness finding these delicious images. I love the French garden chairs in the bathroom - I will be home at the farm this weekend and I am going to bring my chairs inside (as it is winter now). Thanks for the great idea xv

  8. Love the trestle table, the urn used as a table base, those bar stools are fantastic, not to mention the kitchen they are in!
    I really enjoyed the pics, Ness. Thanx for sharing them!

  9. Ness I have a copy of latest HB in front of me. What a stunning place. Whole magazine is great.
    If nothing else for this year I am having a fresh real Christmas tree. (I know not very ecological but just for ones).
    Enjoy your weekend

  10. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!!! Love all the images as always...

  11. wowsers woman there are so ma things in this pot I loved thanks so much for the eyecandy!!!Especially loved the xmas tree cause I have just done mine....

  12. I am so glad you blogged about this Ness, i was going to as well but too lazy to scan in the photos. ISNT IT DIVINE?? i have been having conniptions about the whole place and basically want to rip out everything i have and have what she's having !!! Love love love it - i think HOme Beautiful has been rather great lately. Mel xxx

  13. Oh Ness this issue has become my new bible. I can't sleep without it by my bed lol. Like you I fell completely in love and awe with Mz Broome's home. Thank you for dedicating this fabulous post to such beautiful and classy design.

    Anna :)

  14. Where have I been how did I miss this, I'm off to get my copy of the mag, gorgeous house and I agree not over decorated just beautifully done x

  15. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

  16. I am glad I am not the only one obsessed by this home. I have read this issue to death!
    Ness xx


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