Friday, December 12, 2008

Tricias' Attic...

I needed some serene, clean images today and could not go past one of my favourite Designers, Tricia Foley. These beautiful images are of her tiny Attic space she has remodelled to fit a guest room and powder room. This little Minette sink saves loads of space ans is so cute. The wall above has been built out to fit her guests' toiletries.

From the doorway, you can see just how small the space is, but with a mass of white paint it looks much more roomy than it is.

Tricia collects vintage baskets, bags and trays and has used them in this space to create a sense of warmth and texture and for little treats for her guests.

The whole space is 14 x 24 feet! You wouldn't think so though.
She designed this drop leaf table to accommodate the space as a normal table wouldn't fit up the tiny staircase of her 1845 Long Island home.

Wicker trunks hold all of the necessary linens like vintage Marseilles spreads and white fluffy towels. I love those slippers.

The wooden grid came from a mail room. Tricia painted it white and added cup hooks for guests' clothes. I can't wait to have our home back to some sort of serene order, but in the meantime Tricia's' home will do just fine.
Have a great Weekend,
Ness xx
images-Victoria Magazine


  1. These images are gorgeous...I so love Tricia Foley as well!!!! The front of your house looks a lot like mine except we are off the ground and I have doors instead of your windows.... So cute!!!! luv cath xx

  2. Wow, I love this pictures!

    Wish you a wonderful day

  3. Gorgeous photos! The guest room and powder room are my favorites.

    After I just became engaged ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from we moved into a new place together.

    We want our new space to look romantic like this especially with all pretty accessories and decor like the candles and baskets. Very cozy!

  4. So perfect! What a lovely use of an otherwise forgeotten space. I need a little attic get away sometimes!! Very pretty

  5. awww...I could certainly live in Tricia's guest space, although she'd never get me to leave!! so charming. =)

  6. I'm a fan of Tricia Foley's work too. I wish she had a website or blog!
    Hope the painting is going well Ness.

  7. Catherine...guess what? she does it is

    The painting is going well and we are about to put the second coat on...yay!
    Ness xx


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