Monday, December 15, 2008

Unfitted White

Again from the depths of my file, I found this property, where most of the fittings in this home have been found as they went along. Like the Ikea drawers against the China butlers sink. The fact there is so much white and an abundance of light ties the whole space together.

Another aspect of the light filled Kitchen.

The outdoors haven't escaped the white paint can either. Catherine, the owner, has used garden benches that you can pick up at a Hardware store, to fit lots of guests in without having to scour other rooms for extra chairs.

The vista from the deck is delightful and shows the beautiful doors they picked up from a second hand the chandelier!

The pool is lovely and reflects the snowy home.

Catherine's room is a complete opposite from the white everywhere in the living area, and this moody blue looks perfect with that armoire and vintage prints.

This is my favourite part of the house...this glorious Bathroom! Once again, unfitted but made for this space.
I am finding myself trying to convince Mic that going all white in our Living/Kitchen/Dining and Hallway will be fine. I have already got all the paint and am planning on starting this week sometime, but Mic is having second thoughts. I keep telling him 'just trust me'!!! I haven't let him down yet.
Ness xx


  1. I agree - this bathroom is lovely. And the deck is fantastic too. I hope you manage to convince Mic that white is the way to go!

  2. Just lovely Ness & don't worry. Mic will come around.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Hi Ness - oh so lovely images again!!! I especially love that bathroom too... Need to watch out for March 2009 Country Style as there might be someone in there you know (LOL!!!)...Take care Cathy
    PS Good luck with the dear hubby of yours. My hubby has a white issue too lol!!!!!

  4. I will Cathy!! I have my Mum here now (surprise visit) to back me up as she will be doing the same after their holiday...wish me luck!

  5. Hiya Ness!! Have missed you and your fabulous images. you crack me up though as many of the images are the very same ones i have just drooled over through the years and many piles (and$$$) of magazines later! Wanted to say that i am loving your paint scheme for the house, its going to look UNREAL when finished, big job - we opted for a painter who was pretty dodgy in the end so should have just done it ourselves and saved the $$. Hats of to you guys, Mel xxx

  6. Hi Ness! I also love the bathroom. Such a small space with a HUGH impact!!! Lovely

  7. Just found your blog through
    happy I did...

    Fabulous home...I've gone from white, to blue to carmel...and that is in the span of many years!!! I guess you could say I had white when it wasn't fashionable!! I always seem to do my own thing!!

    I love the feel of your blog...will check back often!!!

  8. Oh, I definitely have kitchen envy.
    I love how they decorated with found objects.
    Is that a metal top on their farmhouse table? It complements the stainless steel stove and really pops against all of the white.


  9. Brooke, You are right. It is stainless steel on the table. I think if she had of gone for a white table it would have got lost.

    Thankyou for stopping by Azure Island Design, lovely to have 'met' you.

    Ness xx


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