Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...and you and no other

A friend of mine has ask me with some help for her up coming wedding, and I got thinking about what I would have done if I were getting hitched now instead of 11yrs ago. I know for sure I would have Hydrangeas instead of roses for our flowers. White for the Bridesmaids and the faded muted green, blue for mine, in a posy like this with a big wide ivory ribbon to trail from it.
invited ink
Invitations in an old style letterpress would be lovely to herald the occasion

maybe with a Hydrangea print on it somewhere to pick up the theme.

Along the tables would be faded, vintage ticking for runners...

hannah nunn
...along with little tea lights and hurricane lanterns for ambiance... for the guest would include something like these sweet little candles in lovely glass packaging. The flowers here are getting closer to the bouquet colour.

lh calligraphy
for the men, something like these compasses would be great. These are actually place cards as well!

bride to be
Organza or white linen chair covers with little pockets and single Hydrangea balls sticking out would be stunning, especially with an old style tag for the place setting.

riviera maison
Loads of lanterns to light the room up, also the entry way and the grass aisle (we were Married in a secret stone garden on a beautiful estate in Jamberoo NSW).

Anna Blackman Photography

Other than the flowers and a few small details, I wouldn't change a thing about the day. I think Mic feels the same way....anyway back to the real planning!!!

Ness xx


  1. How fun to be able to help plan a wedding. I love your photo! Ax

  2. Lovely ideas. We just did a reception with blue hydrangea. Love your photo. My brother was going to wear his kilt to my daughter's wedding, but said he didn't want to take the focus off the bride LOL. Kilts are NOT real common attire here in Texas.

  3. Ness,
    Oh my gosh, yes, the simple beautiful ideas today are so different.. So funny the other day I saw natural weaved favor boxes with lids, I imagined and said to Noel... "if Ness were getting married... she would have these on top of crisp with tablecloths and a big a basket of blue or white hydrangeas as centerpieces!"

    BUT~ The most important choice you did perfect and forever, your Mic, he is the jewel.


  4. You look beautiful and I would not change one thing. Hydrangeas are your love now but I would never forgo a beautiful rose. I always think of roses and love in the same breath. But ever the romantic am I.... xv

  5. I had a June Wedding with white and blue Hydrangeas and Bells of Ireland, gorgeous green. The tables were white linens with a wide pale blue ribbon from side to side and A large square vase with Hydrangea. However my florist had to dye some of the Hydrangeas b/c she couldn't get them in blue.
    Good Luck Planning, it will be beautiful!

  6. How pretty! I love the picture from your wedding at the end.

  7. You have such an amazing eye - I think I would simply have you plan my wedding...

  8. a secret stone garden...oh how wonderful!
    i love all the images you've pulled together

  9. you two and ( grandma ) are beautiful.
    Everyone looks so happy.

  10. Ness you LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the black and white! What fun you are going to have...I have been hooked on snippetandink blogspot inspirational!

    ~Miss Kris~

  11. You certainly were a beautiful bride, Ness. And Mic!
    I love all of your ideas. Makes me want to get married all over again. I'd have you design my wedding. There is nothing better than letter press. I am trying to convince Steve to let me do letter press cards. They are the best.


  12. NESS!! YOUR GORGEOUS!!! I didn't realize that was you until I read Miss Kriss' comment. Love your hair too!
    Ohhh that sheer chair cover looks soo pretty. I have never seen that before and LOVE the idea. ;)
    xoxo Noel

  13. Ness - think your real wedding looked absolutely gorgeous! Mind you, I often find myself play the 'what I'd do differently now' game. It's fun isn't it. Have a lovely weekend. Lee :)

  14. It all sounds absolutely beautiful and dreamy!


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