Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carefree Citrus....

Country homes and interiors
A dream of mine is to have a glorious space like this on our veranda to ponder design ideas. I am not usually inclined to a lot of yellow (although it was my favourite colour as a younster), but I do love this space of citrus yellows. It just whispers Spring.
We are having a few glitches with the weather, and our French doors (which are leaking) which have to be sorted first. But, that's ok...It just gives me more time to work on my new/old Chaise and get it just right. I will take some photos of it as I hope to get a lot of it done this weekend.
Let's just pretend this is what the veranda looks like now!
Have a great day,
Ness xx


  1. I live in a world of 'pretend' at the moment...good to know I'm not alone!

  2. I love the chairs and table - infact I have a very similar set in my online shop.

    L x

  3. Ness, did I imagine you said you'd lost a bit of inspiration & creativity earlier in the week? Let me tell you that from here, I must have been in pixie-land, as there are absolutely NO indications that was true! Fabulous posts this week girl & no Mic can't have my fantastic Boss - he's mine!
    Millie ^_^

  4. The cushions sitting so softly on that furniture is beautiful!

  5. I need a beautiful little patio set like this! :)

  6. How gorgeous! Wouldn't that be lovely?

  7. Ness,
    I love the soft lemon citrus... like lemon chiffon~

  8. I absolutely love your blog, thus I have given you an award on my blog. hope you'll check it out! :D

  9. I'm not usually a yellow fan (maybe I've lived with it in too many rental houses?!) but it does look very pretty here. Sorry the weather has been giving you grief - I've noticed that it is certainly starting to get cooler in your part of the world! Enjoy finishing your chaise.
    Clare x


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