Friday, May 15, 2009

Loving..... newest covers to my collection!
These covers I made with a really soft linen/burlap material and redesigned my Oat Sack covers to create this one. It is all hand done (even the stripes) and I love the slight differences between each cover.
I tried it on our bed to see what it looked like against snowy white...and I like it.

The back of them was made in this lovely ticking.
I made these 2 covers as a test run to see what reaction I would get from my Etsy Shoppe and ...they sold straight away!!! Unfortunately, I am out of this ticking, but the ones I will put on this weekend will be done in a blue and white ticking, which I think will look just as good.

I have also added European covers to my collection...finally! and I have added this new design to my signature collection. I only have a limited number of this particular colour, which is a really lovely beige/natural linen colour....once these are gone...that's it! I will be making some in white with a grey print, Aqua with white print and maybe a natural colour.
They will be hopefully all be listed within the next week.

Here is a close up of the design which have done all by hand, no machines used anywhere!. Screen printing done by hand, etc etc. So I am really happy with the result seeing I had such a inspiration flop last week.
I took some pictures with flash on and without to try and show the colour in different lighting.
They have an oxford edge to them and a deep pocket at the back....
and I am doing some for our bed!!! You can get these beauties HERE.
I would love to have your feedback on these, please.
Ness xx


  1. Lovely cushions Ness. Why don't you try box corners on the oat sack versions to make the shape a little more 'boxy'? (Cant do it with the Oxford edge of course!)

  2. Oh, that's fun. Great for a boys room.

  3. These are very, very nice Miss Clever Girl! Have a wonderful w/end, it's teeming down rain & freezing cold here in the Hills, but we don't care it's just lovely to see water coming from the sky!
    Millie ^_^

  4. ness,
    i think i will have to come shopping~~ i'm off to see your new
    collection now. Beautiful!

  5. Your collection is very nice !
    I am celebrating one year blogging and come visit and take the chanse to win a nice gift

  6. I love the new one Ness. Have a great weekend, xv.

  7. Love the new cushions. You know I am a huge fan!! xx

  8. They're just beautiful! I love any ticking and am sure they'll be fabulous!

  9. I would like to order a pillow like the one in the first photo
    (1902 pillow), but I don't see that one in Etsy. Is it available?

  10. Ness, They are GORGEOUS!
    I don't know how you do it.. but you put your signature look on all of it. I just LOVE them!

  11. Love them all, Ness.
    You even make the back of your pillows beautiful.
    Another wonderful job.



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