Monday, June 15, 2009

have a look!

We had a lovely weekend and I did visit the Homespun Markets, but was really disappointed. So Mic took us to town and I picked up lots of bargains, new jeans which were $90 reduced to $19.95, some movies and these letters.
The big letter 'M' and 'L' I bought from my favourite store, The Vintage Rose. The little '&' was from White Flower Farmhouse.
This is the photo that got me wanting the M. When I was in talking to Amanda she whipped out the L and I had to take that too!!! After all it is my business initials. The old patina on them is beautiful and after much trying them in different spots, they have settled on our TV unit near the French doors. I love them, thanks Amanda.

I also wanted to show you all some new covers that have gone onto My Etsy Shoppe. This continues on from the Hotel Royale cover I showed you last week.

I have also added these Sweet Eiffel covers which look great with the unbleached seeded cotton. You can see all the little flecks from the seed through them which gives it an aged feel to the fabric. I have this fabric in the Hotel Royale cover, Villa De Fleurs and this one. I would love to know what you think of these. Ness xx


  1. I love the Eiffel cover Ness! Adorable. I also love the thought of jeans for 20.00. Maybe I should move to Tasmania.
    (this is Primrose btw I have started my own little Blog and using my real name. Out of the blogger cupboard!)

  2. Great new cushions Ness and i adore your M&L letters, xv.

  3. So glad the letters were still available for you...meant to be. They look great Ness; thanks for stopping by great to chat and talk a bit of blogging talk. Amanda...x

  4. Anytime Amanda. I am just sorry I didnt have more time.
    Ness xx

  5. Hi Ness

    I've just spent a lovely 10 minutes catching up on all your posts for the last month - as usual they're all wonderful. I particularly loved your wedding annivesary post and the glimpses of your house - thanks for sharing these lovely moments and images.


  6. Oh NEss, I love the new pillow covers (and that ruffled little one I see in the background as well)! The M&L are perfect!!! Great find! It was meant to be :)
    Have a great week!


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