Monday, June 29, 2009

Needing a lie down?

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I do! One of the reasons I have not been around Blog land lately is because...I have started boot camp!!! and it hurts...LOTS! Last night I pulled my quad (front of thigh) muscle getting out of the car, then tonight felt 'pop' while running at boot camp. I am in loads of pain and need a good lie any of these bedrooms please.
This one is just beautiful. There is only one thing in this space I am not into - that picture thing above the bed...sorry I don't get it. Every thing else is just right.
via brown button
The neutral palette and those beaded walls are magic!

phoebe howard
A well appointed room would make me feel better, and I could always have a rest on the sofa and a leg up on the sweet tufted ottoman.
via shannon fricke
My favourite things for a room. Louis sofa, quilted cover, chandelier, French doors, antique style urn, bust and white.
mary ruffle
...but maybe I will stick with something simple, uncluttered and restful...and the floors and grey throw are like whats in my own room. I am off to bed now...think healing thoughts for me. I have to go back to boot camp on Wednesday night...ouch.
Ness xx


  1. Sending healing thoughts your way. Good on you for having a go! Love these bedrooms, including the headboard in the first image. But you are right, the painting above it just has to go!

  2. So sorry to hear of your "leg problems" and so disheartning when you are in the zone !! What fabulous bedrooms.I want all of them apart from that awful painting that is so random.Many thanks, Ness, for following my little old blog and your kind words.It feels quite lonely when you first start a blog as nobody knows you're there(as I'm sure you all know).Hopefully more people will follow me and give me some comments and advice.All the best, Ness, for a full recovery and brilliant success at boot camp.

  3. Tufted ottomans make me swoon.

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  4. Yes, now that you mention it, I would like a snooze but I prefer the beds be perfectly made first. I have never gone in for unmade bed styling effort recently afoot...

  5. I'll take #2 please! And, let it be raining too! Sorry to hear about your injury! Love your blog

  6. I'm hoping to have a white/beige bedroom soon! :) Love all the pics!

    Susan @

  7. It is so weird because as I was opening your blog, I received a call from a friend who had just told me she had to go to a doc. due to her pulling something at boot camp! I love the bedding pics! Thanks for the inspiration and best of luck in your Boot Camp!

  8. Hi Ness,
    I couldn't agree with you more with the picture above the bed. To me it looks like one of those calendars with the picture above and the dates below. Counting down the hours until homeMADE. Hope Jason wins. I think Darren needs to take a chill pill!!!

    Take Care.


  9. As someone who just about walking normal again after tearing my achilles in half back in March, all I can say...go to a doctor. Pops are never a good sound.
    Here's hoping my recent past is NOT your soon to be future.
    Other than that...I would have loved to recup those 6 weeks in bed in any of these.

  10. Love the bedrooms. Hard to pick what I like best. I do hope your leg is better. Take it easy (or as easy as you can)

  11. Go quietly now Ness! Maybe if worse comes to worse with your muscle issues, Mic could do a Guest Blogger spot. Mr. Expert himself MOTH reckons he's willing to give tips - ha, ha!!
    Millie ^_^


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