Thursday, August 27, 2009

Images from Mum & Dads

While on Holidays recently, the boys and I stayed at my Parents house. This is the home where I was born and raised, where I learnt my love of Antique and worn pieces, markets and thrift shops...and creating a welcoming home. My Mum loves French style like me, but she has always had a love for old country things and teams the two together.
Mum loves Lavender and where ever she is seems to find some to fill one of her many pots, vases and jugs.

Another love Mum and I share is Hydrangeas. This bunch is in a big enamel jug and bowl in the bathroom.Another bunch in the room one of the boys occupied. Mum has a thing for jug and bowls and often finds the pieces without its pair and will then track down something to match it in a different town!
This is my Parents bedroom and shows my Mums love of that older English country style. Mum is going through the motions now of re decorating this space into a French boudoir.
I can't forget my beautiful Dad and his uncanny sense with wood and carpentry. Self taught, he is someone who can walk into a store etc, see a piece of furniture, scoot home to his shed and whip that exact piece up from just the photo in his head!! This clock is one such piece.

His beautiful fireplace in the living room is something Dad made up as he went. Mum had given him a rough idea of what he wanted and away he went. It is a talking piece and many have wanted one. I was lucky to have one of my Dads fireplaces in the home we built when we lived near by...the couple who bought it wanted the fireplace to be included in the sale (it was an unfixed one) as I had it filled with burning candles on viewing day and she fell in love.
The table was picked up by Mum for $10!! at a market in really bad shape, but Mum is a fiend with a paint brush and fixed it beautifully after Dad repaired a few bits.
Another bargain find was this Chandelier which she picked up here in Tassie while visiting us for some ridiculous amount...then Dad made up about 50 little wire rings to string vintage crystal pieces to it.

I am not sure if this lamp was picked up at a market or thrift store, but I do like it and her birds that were bought for a few dollars. So, you see I was surrounded by loads of creative influences as a child and teen and I am so proud of them for shaping me into the savvy bargain hunting, fabric loving, Interior obsessed Woman I am today...thanks Mum and Dad.
Ness xx
all images - Ness Lockyer


  1. Hi Ness, love to see you the other day in store with little Mason; he is so cute, i miss them at this age they grow up far too quickly....i have to wait for my grandchildren now. Must have been great seeing your mum and dad and talking about like minded things, easy to see where you get your flare from. Manda..x x x

  2. well...i see where you got your good taste from.! your parents home is just lovely and your dad is an amazing artisan!! that clock and mantel...wowza!! how sweet it is that they still live in your childhood home...i'm sure it is filled with beautiful memories!

  3. oh my! such beautiful things! your mum must be really amazing! that table near the fireplace is so dreamy! xo

  4. Such a lovely and inspiring home to have been raised in. Your parents are so creative and obviously you picked up their sense of style and love for all things beautiful!!

  5. You are your parents daughter, that's for sure and lovely that you have shown us some of their lovely have a very talented Dad and Mum. XXXX

  6. Your mum has a good taste! So she gives it to you!
    No it's your turn to give it to your children...


  7. What lovely pieces you parents have. And how wondeful that your dad can recreate anything in wood. The fireplace is fabulous!

  8. Your mother has lovely taste - like you!

  9. I liked the lamp very much. It doesn't matter where its bought from. It looks so classy and timeless.


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