Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barn Lady...

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who emailed and left comments about my quest for a store/barn. I really do appreciate this support and especially the comments from those of you who own barn stores like this one from the lovely Cathleen Alyce from Vintage Home lifestyle blog. This barn is on her property which she opens as 'Barn Sale' every so often (like the pop-up idea from Tricia Foley I like so much). This give her time to scour items and fill the barn for the next event...I am loving this idea and I could do this on our property =0)

The barn is filled with big furniture pieces and small and all have that lovely palette that I adore so much.
Cathleen's barn is amazing and to find out when the next event is on click HERE. I have so many barn stores to look at from the emails that I may have more to show soon.
Now to find some old pailings to line ours with.....
Ness xx


  1. Love the barn shopping.. FAB items!

  2. I want to go shopping there. I think that I'd buy it all !! XXXX

  3. Aint blogging the best forum!... life changing....gorgeous barn! A-M xx

  4. That's one charming barn! Love the soft palette!

  5. Cathleen's barn is beautiful! And Tricia Foley - I found her site just recently and very happy to see she's not too far from me at all! Looking forward to attending one of her sales.

  6. oh if only I had a barn like this near my home... beautiful! but I'd probably empty my bank account! lol! xo

  7. Ooooh, that is gorgeous! Y'all are making ME want to open a barn store!!! ;)

    I think this idea of being open a few times a year is SUCH a fantastic plan, Ness. If you want it to be more, that can come later on. So exciting!!!


  8. Wow, would love to shop at that barn! Best Wishes on your decision about what to do for your store.

  9. What a fabulous shop!! Antiques in a barn - what could be better?!

  10. With all this wonderful inspiration, one can only imagine how fabulous your barn shop is going to be...we will be coming from far and near to visit you!

  11. so happy to find your precious blog! i loved this story on the barn and i'm now reinspired....i've been wanting to turn our barn/garage into a sale spot for awhile now...i had seen a great red barn in Country Living yrs. ago w/the same concept.
    I'm going to reintroduce the idea to my husband and work on this! Thanks for the story/inspiration!


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