Monday, December 7, 2009

A pile of Inspire!

What a weekend!
This pile above became the inspiration I needed to keep my brain on track for the mammoth sewing operation that took place in my office in preparation for the Markets this Sunday.
I love creating palettes with beautiful items instead of the normal tile, carpet and paint swatches. I would much rather the Irish Linen (white one, which I didn't have the guts to cut up yet!), herringbone grey wool, antique feed sack, vintage linen trim and the gorgeous patina of the old spoon I found in the garden and my little wreath.
That pile lead to this cushion/pillow covers and stockings...and loads of them too! I am loving the ruffled stockings, made with the vintage trim, white linen and soft burlap linen. They aren't finished yet - still have to be pressed and some still need printing on, but at least they are done.

Some new ones I played about with...

close up of another...

And some of my new ticking stockings. You can see the trim of the ones I just mentioned.
A new Eye Doctor cover made with the herringbone wool I am smitten with at the moment.

Not only did I make cushions and stockings, but I made loads of clay tags too. These lovely dove ones are new...not finished yet, but you get it right?

I told you I made lots!! My poor office looked like a bomb went off and I don't think I will get it back to normal until after the markets are done with. All of these items will be available at The Evandale Markets on Sunday 13th December at my stall I will be sharing with my very creative paper manipulating friend, Jolee...come for a look if you are about. I would love to see you.

My packing table with some of the orders waiting to be shipped's a mess too. I worked pretty much all day Saturday and from after breakfast until 10:30pm Sunday night! A long weekend indeed, but I can safely say I will have enough stock for the for the displays...!!! =0I
Ness xx


  1. Herringbone cushion is gorgeous!

  2. I love those stockings! All the colors are so pretty.

  3. I admire your work. They are so beautiful!
    I wish you a lovely Monday!

    Anette Willemine xx

  4. What a beautiful work. Lovely :)

    Have a nice week.

  5. All beautiful and that herringbone pillow!!! Wauw!!


  6. Ness such beautiful creations.
    Stop by my blog and enter the giveaway

  7. WoW. You have been working hard Ness. I hope that you sell lots. Have a great week. XXXX

  8. Ness, you amaze me with your creativity and your stamina! Love your new clay tag design.

  9. lots and lots of nice items. hope you will have a great market ;)

  10. You totally awesome gorgeous girl Ness! I walked into the Living Room last night to see MOTH with the sewing basket out repairing his torn work shorts. I am such an abject sewing failure he wouldn't even let me near these grotty things. Hope Mason is on the mend. And that you get to spend some of your Market profits on yourself - you truly deserve it.
    Millie ^_^

  11. oh how i would love to hang those dove tags on my Christmas tree! lovely..........

  12. Bonjour!
    Just came across your beautiful blog for the first time. The stockings are so charming and the clay doves are so perfect for the tree. I'll be following along.

  13. Its so hard to know what I love best. The herringbone is divine! Ticking stockings, yum! clay tags are simply awesome. You clever thing. You must be working well into the wee small hours. I wish you so well at your market. Sadly we dont have a market with anything nearly as lovely here. xx

  14. Hi Ness just say happy christmas to you and all your family. Thank you for the beautiful site. love everything you do. How amazing we are all in different places but share so much ... in cape town for a hot sunny christmas with sunshine watermelon and loved ones under the mountain sky. saw a beautiful site that you will all love it is italian linen check out the special photographs bellisimo!!!!
    love xxx sherie


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