Monday, January 25, 2010

Preparing For Tomorrow...

Today was one of those relaxing, sunny days - you know the type where you have every intention of doing something grand, but the warm Summer sun just beckons you outside?
Well that was today. Tomorrow we celebrate Australia Day and just about everyone I know does this with a good 'ol Aussie barbie, or B-B-Q. We are having one here with our family, so today I spent some time sorting out where we will be eating and celebrating what it is to be doesn't look as good as the image above, but it will do.
I did come to the realisation while I was out there, that we have to get started on the gardens. We started, then we were held up inside again fitting French doors and the like.
Oh well.
I had planned to bring you some more of the 'No cost bathroom makeover' today, but I didn't do a thing in there, but I will show you some images soon.
Have a wonderful day, wont you?
Ness xx


  1. Happy Australia Day to you Ness! Enjoy that BBQ, we will be doing the same, though I am sure not in as much style as you - Tina xx

  2. Have a wonderful Australia Day, Ness.
    Relax and enjoy yourself....and put another shrimp on the barbie for me !! XXXX

  3. Hope Australia day is a lot of fun Ness XX


  4. A BBQ and day off sounds so wonderful right now....we'll have to wait months. So make sure you have lots of fun for us.

  5. happy australia day! What will you bbque???

  6. I just LOVE a good party! Have a fun day, Lori

  7. Il ove that kind of seductive sunshine!

    Happy Australia Day!

  8. Oh sunshine sounds good! Beautiful pictures.

  9. Hi Ness,

    Happy Australia Day. Have a good one!


    N.W Coast

  10. Happy Straya Day Ness & Mic!
    Millie & MOTH

  11. Happy Australia Day Ness....I hope you had a wonderful day with your family, xv.

  12. Lovely image Ness, I will be BBQing it too, so I will enjoy and I hope you will also!


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