Monday, March 15, 2010

Must Haves...

This is my sort of decorating...different shades of white, hints of blue, green or grey in varying forms, loads of pillows and slipcovers....and heaps of vintage love - mirrors, furniture etc.
I am not one to follow trends, but I love how this style will look great still in 10 years time and not be pigeonholed into any one era. Which also means I can keep digging in markets, garage sales, op shops and the like (which I was doing on the weekend) for treasures to always keep this style fresh to me.
This makes me smile =0)
tinek home

Office spaces that free your mind so you can create without colour 'noise'. A calming space. My own office is filled with not much else but white and hints of neutral colours and I love to be in there sewing away. The only real hits of colour in there is from flowers and the big sycamore tree which I view from through the French door...and I like that. The metal filing drawers are the statement piece here and I am happy to say i am the owner of a much smaller industrial vintage filing cabinet which I picked up on the weekend while digging in an old barn with my Uncle and was great. I cant wait to show you.

Marie Claire
I can never get enough of white dishes, plates, etc. To me, these are sculptural pieces that can be such a finishing touch a room needs. Filled with old linen or ceramic balls, fruit, flowers, candles...etc. Lets not forget blue and white china. I was lucky enough to have my sweet Aunt and Uncle (who I was digging in the barn with for the filling cabinet) give me a lovely blue and white ginger jar to add to my collection today.

Mari Erikson
...and who can forget vintage linens?
These are high on my list of materials to use in a room. re purposing them, like the lift blind I made last week is something I am always doing. You would know I have a thing for pillows/cushions and grain sacks. Vintage linens have so many uses and are only limited to your imagination.
Just a few elements I love.
PS- I have been on a mission lately and have bought quite a few items to fix up...some are hideously ugly and some not so bad, but all in need of a good makeover - and you know how I love a makeover!!
It is my mission this week to take some time for my own projects and do as many of these projects as I can...of course there will be photos =0)
Ness xx


  1. This first photo is one that I have saved and made a copy of for my inspiration board! I want this room!!! It's me! And, it's you!!

    I also love your workroom, no wonder you are so creative.

    I can't wait to see what you are doing next. You have certainly inspired me today. Of course, you always do.


  2. I love the first room. I love all those mirrors in the entryway. I just want to jump in that picture and sit in one of those chairs!

  3. absolutely stunning and inspiring. Love that little rose painting in the last photo. Mel xxx

  4. I love the first photo, that is how I want my house to look eventually. I love shades of white with delicate use of colours and warm wood to lift it.

  5. Hi Ness,

    So my sort of decorating too :)! Lovely pics!!


  6. decor naturel (anne hammett)March 16, 2010 at 12:31 AM

    HI, Ness,

    I did a post that contained the first image from Country Living also. Indeed that is the goal I have for my house, too. I don't think decorating gets any better than that! And you are right about the timelessness there. That is one of the best things about using white as a color palette. It never goes out of style. Looking forward to your upcoming projects!

  7. ahhhhhh, this is the look I am going for. thanks! Will copy and add to my favorites. Have fun re doing, that is what I am doing here in Buffalo.

  8. I am in LOVE with the first photo! Thank you for inspiring me today. I loved it so much that I added it to my post this morning along with your perfect description and a link to your blog. You'll have to check it out.

    We are smack dab in the middle of our family room makeover. We are adding white slip covered furniture, burlap pillows, an awning-striped rug, empty white frames along our open staircase and more textures textures textures. The first photo is just what I needed today - thank you!

  9. OH MY! that room with the white shelves filled with dishes. How lovely.\


  10. Beautiful rooms, Ness and, as you have said, timeless.
    I could live in any one of them quite happily. XXXX

  11. ALl the pictures of gorgeous! Can't wait to see your find from the weekend :)

  12. All my dishes are white...just love them! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! have a lovely day, Li :-)

  13. Ness,
    I love all the different shades of white!! I always think, by using white shades, you can't do anything wrong! It is always beautiful!
    I am looking forward to your projects this week!

  14. Ness,
    Here I am again! Iwas thinking about your question about blinds but up to now I don't know a good address! But when I know some, I mail them to you!

  15. I remember drooling over that first photo in the magazine issue that month!!! Trying to measure my own house to see if I could do something so fabulous!

    Hope things are well by you!

  16. Love this post Ness, all of these images are beautiful. And you're right, the beauty of using vintage pieces means you can always be on the lookout for new lovelies to add to your collection.
    Thanks again for your lovely comments over at my blog too!
    Kerri x

  17. LOVE IT Sweet Ness!!

    You always know how to get me:)

    Happy Almost Spring to You favorite one of all!!


  18. love it all... great post as always... i think i am close to having that many bowls! he he xx

  19. What a great entrance to have love it, looking forward to seeig your finds hope you are feeling well rested now Ness? Elaine :)

  20. These are all great ideas and examples Ness...and you're right..using vintage and white and adding bits of blue, grey or green keep it fresh...never will be pigeon holed to a time period and even in 10 years will be fresh.

    I'm getting tired of "colour" in my LR and I keep saying "cream" or "white"...moved all my furniture around yesterday and now today..I'm going to buy the paint and put it up!!! :) The sunlight pouring in today is telling me "do it"!! :)

  21. This would be defenitely my house if only I could...!


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