Friday, March 12, 2010

My Version Of A Lift Up Blind~ Project

This glorious lift/roll up blind was the inspiration for my little flurry of inspiration today. I love this shot and it has filled my creative thoughts for the past few weeks. So....
Here is my version.
I had an old vintage linen table cloth which had a huge rip through the cut work and have always wanted to do something with it but was too scared to commit to cutting it - until today!
This whole process took about an hour, which I was impressed about.
This is the blind down. It looks lop sided at the bottom but the breeze caught it as I took the shot. It is straight, promise!
I had to cut the top so the beautiful edge work could be seen and try and match it up. So far, so good.

Once all the cutting had been done, I (ahem) embroidered my initials onto the linen. Now, I never said I was an embroiderer, so be kind...I tried. It is not what I really wanted, but I had to get dinner on and knew if I didn't do this project now, there was no way it would be done for about a month.
I added some organza ribbon to both sides that matches the linen perfectly and keeps that gauzy, light feel to the blind.

Here you can see my embroidery and the beautiful edging that someone who actually knew how to do this a long time ago, did so well.

I think it turned out well and love the look of it through the back door. You cant see it here, but you can see the backside of my initials (lucky, I done this side neat too!) through the top pane of glass.
Here is another shot from inside.
I am quite happy with it and will try and get some better shots when the light is a little better,probably when I photograph all of the other projects I have going on right now...and I bought more treasures today!!
I cant wait to get started when I have some spare time.
Let me know what you think about my little blind...remember, I tried! =0)
Ness xx


  1. I think it is lovely...light and airy...and even a bit elegant in its simplicity. Your embroidery skills far surpass mine....great job!

  2. Ooooh, I LOVE it!!! Great job! I might have to copy this idea somewhere.

  3. Oh i absolutely love it Ness. Just love the view through that door. Your house is looking sooo nice. Mel xxx

  4. I love this!
    So elegant!
    Thank you for sharing this little project...I have been thinking about something similiar...but I too have been a bit afraid of destroying an old bedsheet I had found.
    You have inspired me!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Ness,
    Beautiful these blinds!

  6. Soooooo pretty and I love that it was a quick project too!!


  7. So much character and charm in this piece of vintage linen. It looks great.


  8. I am loving that sweet birdcage!!

  9. Good on you Ness for having a go! It has come up beautifully and I think your embroidery looks fantastic.

  10. Stunning! I love that it was made out of something old, looks amazing
    Take care-

  11. What do I think?????? I LOVE it. you are so sweet & talented. You did an excellent job. I love how your embroidered initials turned out. I learned to embroider from my Grandma when I was a little girl. It is something I don't do anymore, but I loved doing it with my Grandma. I love your version of a roll up shade. My sister has made me roman shades & I love this version you have created. I LOVE the simplicity of it. Hey I was excited when you said that was your pillow on Kasey's chair. That is awesome! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I am going to have to take the weekend to get caught up on your posts. I haven't been able to do much visiting this week & I have missed seeing you & your blog!

  12. Hello Ness

    Just wanted to say Thank You for the lovely Easter tags I ordered a while ago, they arrived safely here in the UK and I LOVE them - very cute!

    Also love your new blind - you have just given me an idea....!!

    With best regards


  13. What a timely post! I was just looking at a similar post on Lantlif, and wishing I could do something like that & then find yours!! But how did you do that embroidery?? It looks awesome!


  14. Ness, I should say I hope you are having a great evening! & I didn't sign,
    Take Care,
    your friend Maria
    p.s. thank you for your recent emails They mean so much to me! You made me feel so much better! YOU always do. You have no idea how much those tags mean to me. They turned out perfect! Your pillows are so sweet! I like that I don't see them anywhere else & they are M & L designed!
    Take Care

  15. VERY pretty! Your embroidery work looks very nice! ☺ Celeste

  16. You did a fantastic job! It is just dreamy!
    smiles, alice

  17. Just wonderful, the embroidery looks lovely and it all makes me wish I had bought some of that tattered linen at the fleas in Paris last week. You would know how to make it look pretty!

  18. Hi Ness,

    Well, I think your roman roll-up blind looks fantastic! I have to say I'm dotty for anything like this, and your embroidery skills are just fine, so don't stress. This is another design classic that is on the list of NEVER going out of style.....actually there's an internal door here that has a really FUGLY roller blind on it and I really hate it......something like this would look amazing (sigh)...I will have to put my thinking cap on, first I am nutting out how to make a cover for a chair in the office, so this is something I would like to attempt first. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast

  19. Beautiful Ness! Truly!

  20. Oh Miss Ness!!! I love, love, love it my friend:) You did a stunning job and I bet you can't stop staring at it (I wouldn't be able to)!! See, I even broke my self imposed weekend long blogging ban (I mean study break) to comment as it is just so beautiful. Yay you!! Hope you have the loveliest weekend sweet girl ~ Tina xx

  21. Tried? That is too cute and looks nice. From here the embroidery looks excellent. What a wonderful idea.

  22. Beautiful Ness. I love to work with fabrics, so I might get this one as an inspiration!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Li :-)

  23. Ness, Your version is so much prettier then the original. It is softer and has a casual feeling to it. I LOVE pure linen as a window treatment. I am slowly converting all of my curtain panels to creamy white linen. Yours looks great! Have a wonderful weekend, Lori

  24. Oh Ness, it is as pretty as pretty can be... another product for your store?... pretty little premade blinds... I'd buy a swag of them and size the windows to fit them!!!! You're so clever! Hey and I think I managed to get your cushions mentioned in my magazine shoot? I hope so anyway! Published in May. I set up shots with my bloggy friend's goodies that they couldn't resist... ah love the scheming! A-M xx

  25. You KNOW its gorgeous! xx Lyn (LINI)

  26. So clever and adorable Ness!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend~
    xo Noel

  27. What talent... what a blind - it looks heavenly - you are amazingly clever - the embroidery looks top notch to me! Have a lovely weekend - you have such a fabulous blog!

  28. Fantastic Ness, looks gorgeous. Clever thing! julesxx

  29. I like it very much. What a great idea to use a vintage linen tablecloth. You did a wonderful job.


  30. Hello NESS,
    From your view the JUDGES give you a 10...
    I am an interior designer and I admire your view on budget designs. I have to deal with highend interior designs in Model Home designs and I love to sneak in edgy items of age, rusty, pealed, distressed and perfectly imperfect things of passion.

    You really never have to decorate highend prices to get a unique designer look and by George I think you've got it.
    Love your style and nothing ever looks good in photos like they do inperson.

    I had some european linens given to me and the were monogramed like yours and I was able to make a valance were it all lined up perfect just where I wanted the initials to be. Your reminds me of mine, beautiful job.

    Keep inspiring... and drop by sometime.

  31. Hi Ness,
    The blind looks great, you're too clever! I actually prefer things not too perfect, so your embroidery adds charm to the lovely old linen. Very sweet.
    Kerri x

  32. I just love it, so sweet! Are you taking orders yet?

  33. You have done a lovely job on this - understated elegance and your embroidery is beautiful - thanks for all the inspiration XO

  34. You did a wonderful job! smiles.

  35. Wow you did such a beautiful job! I made a similar roll up blind for our kitchen, but it is nothing like yours! I love the embroidery. What a great idea to use vintage linen.

  36. That looks really good! I would love to attempt one and I have just the spot, but don't think I could..I am not very good at sewing LOL

  37. That's a perfect idea for two windows - thank you!! ;) At the last days I found a lot of material (with monogram, laces, linen and more) for manufacture like yours by myself.

    Nice sunday


  38. The natural light gives so mutch to a room

  39. I really love it! It's so elegant!

  40. How wonderfully light and beautiful Ness!


  41. I love It!!! I am headed to my sewing room (aka spare bedroom, junk room, etc, etc) to dig through my enourmous pile of vintage linens that I have been collecting (my daughter says "hoarding") and see if I can come up with a piece that might work for this project.

  42. Great effort, your embroidery looks excellent! Another skill to add to your ever increasing fabulousness. I love that you used a lovely old cloth to make the blind.

  43. I adore it!!
    A winner all the way around!

  44. You more than tried dear Ness, you positively succeeded!!
    Millie ^_^

  45. This is great! I'm visiting from We live in a neighborhood where many of the front and porch doors have glass panes. What a lovely idea to add a little character to the door without overdoing it. Also creates the perfect amount of privacy when needed. Thanks for the tip!


  46. Beautiful! In only an hour? It looks so pretty on the kitchen door. I love to make curtains from vintage linens! xo

  47. p.s. I usually just fold the top over and sew a tunnel!

  48. What a lovely and fresh blog!I have that kind of roll up curtains..they're so nice with those ribbons. And you created them in just one hour..stunning!
    Good night, Fra


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