Friday, April 2, 2010

The warmth of a fire can do great things...

I love this shot. The right amount of chairs for our family and is indicative of the weather here today. We actually lit the fire as well, so I am sitting right beside it while I write this post. The warmth of the fire is amazing and while we were all cocooned inside I changed our kitchen mantel and my $5.00 sideboard displays around, which I will show you next week. I also made a start on the slip cover for the other sofa.
I have also been baking (as it is right next to the fire!!) and will be doing a big Easter Sunday dinner with Mics family which will be really nice. This had me looking through my files at other kitchens and these two are just beautiful...

especially this one. I would love a pot rack for somewhere in our kitchen and found the perfect one recently...I just hope it is there when I go back =0), it doesn't have to go above our center island, just somewhere would be nice. This just reminds me of a French farmhouse.
I also want to wish you all a safe and happy Easter with your families -don't eat too much!
Ness xx


  1. Enjoy the warmth and coziness of your fire sweet Ness. I love those kitchen pics and have my fingers crossed that your pot rack is still there when you go back:) Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family ~ Tina xx

  2. Oh Ness, what wonderful photographs! Each one is so awesome! Have a wonderful Easter weekend.


  3. Have a nice Easter, it's really cold here in Burnie tonight too.

  4. Happy Easter...can't wait to see the pics next week!

  5. I used to have a pot rack and loved the look and convenience..
    You paint a warm and cozy picture with your fire and baking! Love ALL the photos!
    Happy Easter :)

  6. Have a great Easter, if its any consaltion it has been cold again this week but is set to warm up next week.

    Joyeux Paques a toi,

    Leeann x

  7. Love these photos! Good luck with your projects. Ditto the warmth of the fire . . .

  8. lovely, so lovely photos. Hope you have a wonderful Easter dinner, darling! xo

  9. The first picture is stunning beautiful. Sad that it's so cold. But the Easter Bunnies do have thick skins ;)

    Happy Easter with funny days



  10. What I wouldn't give to have a kitchen JUST like that!
    Happy Easter weekend to you and your sweet family Ness.

  11. Dear Ness,
    What a wonderful photograph of the four rocking chairs with that incredible view...... and the kitchens are lovely. Very homely with a touch of French style.
    I just want to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend, with lovely food and LOTS of chocolate !! XXXX

  12. Ness, Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. You are a true inspiration to me and I love all the talented things you do. Sitting by the fire is one of my favorite things to do..Happy Easter to you and your family! ~Lulu

  13. I just love big farmhouse kitchens! Not a cozier spot could one find.

  14. Beautiful kitchens indeed Ness.

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter together. Lee :)

  15. We lit the fire as well and it has been wonderful - until it got to 27 degrees in the loungeroom! We decided it is the nicest thing about winter.
    Have a lovely easter - enjoy your big family lunch!

  16. What lovely photos. Have a blessed Easter, Ness!

    : )

    Julie M.

  17. Oh wow.
    I have kitchen envy!!
    Lovely blog - will look forward to looking thru your posts.
    Have a happy day.
    xx Amy

  18. Hope you have a lovely family easter Ness!

    I used to have a pot rack in my farm kitchen, it was over the table. You kind of had to know where the meat clever hung!! :) Nut a friend used an old ladder as a pot rack and put it quite high over the sink in front of the kitchen window, and it looked fabulous.


  19. We had our first bonfire last night. The weather here has been unseasonable warm! Yeah! Love the photos. The wood floor in the kitchen is wonderful! Have a Happy Easter.

  20. What is it about the simplicity of porch rockers to make you think of spring and relaxing? Great Pictures Ness!Maryanne:)

  21. Hi Ness!
    Stay warm and enjoy Easter with your family! I just wanted to come by, say hi and let you know I am thinking of you :)
    I have to crack up about the pot rack. I had one and didn't want it...a major dust collector and clutter spot. You want one because you don't have one. Life sure is funny, isn't it???

    Have a wonderful holiday and have fun baking!!

  22. Oh yes. I think I have pot rack envy.
    So glad to hear that your migraines have subsided. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Ness!

    xo xo


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