Friday, May 7, 2010

Slipcovered - Part 2

Remember a while ago I had planned to cover our other sofa? Well, I finally done it!
Here it is, made out of a painters drop cloth (you can also see my linen monogrammed roll up blind I made not long ago on the door in the background). Bear in mind these are temporary covers as I have planned to make some with white denim once the boys are a little bit older.
Here is the sofa before. Over used and abused. When we bought these sofas 7 years back they were nice, but sun, age and two little boys have seen them look terrible. They are a great shape and I picked them mainly for the shape. I have been dying to get them both covered and was so pleased with how the first one turned out that this one looked even worse next to it.
Here is a reminder of the first one I covered.
Here they are together...and for a total of $68.00. WAY cheaper than the ridiculous price I was quoted to have them done at the upholsterer. After a few washes this one will fade to the lovely linen colour of the other sofa...then they will be a perfect pair.
I hope you have a very enjoyable weekend and finish a project...or two.
Ness xx


  1. Gorgeous! I feel inspired, I love the neutral colour scheme you have in your home! And that lamp is amazing! Love it, thank you so much for sharing. :) Hazel

  2. Looks great Ness! Slipcovers are so practical, and even better when you can make them yourself. Well done you! K xx

  3. They are amazing. You clever girl. I suppose it helps if you can sew!!!

  4. Oh Ness would you be willing to share how you went about making them. I had a post on my blog about wanting to cover a couple of ugly couches which also have a good shape. I haven't been able to find any practical instructions. I'm mostly concerned about attempting the arms. Do the drop cloths make a comfy alternative? Sorry I'm trying to pick your brains.Love the look of your home and your gorgeous blind. Hope you're feeling better. Thanks Kym X

  5. Ness, it looks fabulous my dear!! Love it and I love that you used drop cloths:) Have to say I am still so in love with your blind, it is my favourite project ever in blogland!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very lovely Mothers Day ~ Tina x

  6. Hi Ness, You are so clever to be able to sew slipcovers, and what a smart idea using dropcloths! It looks fantastic, and so great that it didn't end up in a landfill site. I hope you are feeling better nd have a great Mothers Day.

  7. well aren't you a clever girl! That would have taken some trial and error and some patience! bet it was lovely once you finally got a chance to sit down and enjoy your handy work!


  8. I love your slipcovers. I love the bones of your sofas too. And, and, what I like the most is when we chose to recover-reuse we are saving it from the landfills.


  9. Gorgeous Ness... I love how fresh and new you have made it look! It's so great to see someone give a sofa with great bones, a new lease on life, instead of getting rid of it. The drop sheet idea is totally genius by the way!
    :) Flick
    (Have a great Mother's day weekend)

  10. looks fantastic...I love it! Awesome job!!
    I recently got given a sewing machine for my birthday by my mother inlaw...and I am loving it so far..have attempted to make very simple sewing an envelope cushion cover etc...but I dont think I am ready for anything as tricky as this...I wish I was..I would love to recover our sofa...its not old...but Im tired of the dark brown...could do with a makeover.

    Great job lovely x

  11. Hey well done, you've made a really great job of these slip covers! I've tried a couple myself and I know it's not easy to get this god a result. Looks fantastic

  12. this looks really REALLY great!!!! It's a hard job!!! I would like a new cover for my sofa and chair because it takes so long for this one to dry.....maybe I have to just DO it....don't think about 100.000 times before starting ;)
    Love it....


  13. Great job Ness, it looks wonderful and I adore drop cloth material, it looks great and is so sturdy!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. It gives me hope when I see other bloggers making the slipcovers on their own. I have two huge couches that I would like to tackle but it seems rather daunting. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Great job. I have been trying to recover an antique rocker where there is no sewing involved and I am having trouble with that. I wish I had your abilities. Great job,Kathysue

  16. wow you did a great job! Was it hard to sew? I have to chairs I would love to slip cover but don't know where to get it down or if I could do it.

    Pamela from French Buttons

  17. Looks beautiful!!! Great job.

  18. The slipcovers look great. I have heard about useing dropcloths. I have off white furniture that needs to be covered for sweaty shorts season.

  19. You've done a fantastic job on these! I've been pondering doing the outdoor furniture... Maybe now I'll leap in and try it!

  20. Hi Ness,

    Your slip-covered couch is looking great. Painters cloths are very underrated, I think. They are a real close weave with nubbly bits and are really quite gorgeous! Job well done, and your monogrammed blind in the background looks really lovely too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow, hope you find the time for something special for yourself!
    Take care
    N.W. Coast

  21. Great job! I love the practicality of clip-covers :)

  22. you did an amazing job
    i hope to work on some projects too this weekend.
    have a lovely mother's day!

  23. Ness, you did a fantastic job!!
    Have a fantastic week end!

  24. You are so talented! Your slipcovers look great.. yay for that painter's drop cloth!
    :) Lara

  25. Those look incredible! Good job!
    ☺ Celeste

  26. I loved your first one so much I used painters drop cloth to recover one of my chairs. I put it on my blog but couldn't figure out how to link to your blog but I did say I got the ideal from you. :-)
    thanks for all the great ideals and inspiration!

  27. Wow great job,
    I have a friend who used painters drop cloths as fabric for window treatments, the drop cloths will last with great use to them.

    I also love that you mix the winter white color drop cloth with the whites...I mix all shades of white it looks very euro flea market this way.


  28. The slipcovers turned out wonderful! Makes me want to take sewing lessons.

  29. The sofas look great, bet you're thrilled. Isn't it so good when you make something really great out of very little cash. My thing for this year is to 'Dip into my imagination not my purse' and I have to tell you it is actually working very well.

  30. I've just spent the past week thinking about doing this - so great to see how yours turned out -they look great!


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