Friday, October 29, 2010

Blogger Friends Are Amazing....

Today started out to be a day I would rather forget...until our Post Man arrived! He handed me 2 packages (the other you will see in a moment). This one hear smelt wonderful and little Mason our 4 year old even commented that it 'smelt pretty'.
I couldn't wait to get inside.
This package was from one of my wonderful Friends, Maria Carr from DREAMY WHITES. Who is one of the most giving people I have ever met and am so glad to call her my Friend.
The scent from this bag was amazing! The stripe ribbon was the first thing I spied!

isn't it gorgeous?
Maria included this card with a lovely heartfelt message inside which left a huge smile across my face. The card is stunning in itself and is now on my bedside table.
Once I unwrapped the gift, this is what was inside.
Now, I took these images as I opened it...I could hardly wait!
This gorgeous sack is where the gorgeous Lavender scent was coming from, and it is chock full of it. When I came back after picking the boys up from School and Pre School, the house was enveloped in Lavender and it was beautiful!

even the ribbon was lovely and I love the number 6 and the lion image on this chunky linen.

The back of the sack is just as perfect!
...and look there is more!!
Another lovely smelling package, wrapped in linen, twine and a cute button.
Gorgeous Poppy seed soaps! =0)
...and oh, I am in love with this...
A vintage linen runner with beautiful embroidery. It is a 'M' for Marley. Mason thought it was for, NO ;0)And finally this. It is a sweet little pillow cover made with vintage ticking.

A soft white linen is on the back and I will be making a little insert for this. It is so sweet.
Now you see why it made my day better?
What a beautiful gift to send to someone.
Maria, these gifts are gorgeous and you are a gorgeous Woman. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Stop by Maria's blog DREAMY WHITES if you haven't already and look at her other beautiful vintage linen finds.

Now onto the next package...
This one I had to sign for and was wondering what it could be... was presented beautifully...

...and all the way from France!...

As soon as I opened it, I knew who it was from
...Vicki Archer!
You all know this amazingly talented Woman who has graced us with the beautiful books "My French Life" and "French Essence" and the blog of the same name.

Now, I did know this was coming as a while ago the gorgeous Vicki sent me an email letting me know she was sending me this card in the mail, but I had forgot it was coming with all that I have in my head right now with Christmas orders to get through and the like. So it really was a surprise...a beautiful surprise!

Isn't it stunning?
And, it came with a sweet card from Vicki too.
Thank you SO SO much Vicki. I am smitten with it and now have to figure out how to display it so I can see both sides!
You are another Woman who has made my blogging life so wonderful and I thank you for that.

For a peek at Vicki's amazing French Life visit her blog FRENCH ESSENCE will love it.
Now, another package arrived earlier in the week which I had planned on blogging about today
It is from the sweet Tine, who has the gorgeous blog URUGUAY LIFE.

I had commented on one of her posts a little while back about some lovely wooden pegs she had and how they would look great with my embroidered peg bag I recently made Tine sent me some! She is so sweet.

Again, inside was a lovely handwritten note, some gorgeous white embroidered ribbon and this little block type postcard...
...on the other side is this vintage image of a Woman.
Here is a close up of the springs on the pegs. I love them. The ones we have here are drab!

Thank you so much Tine for your sweet gift. It just goes to show that blogging friends are the most thoughtful and caring Women around and I am continually amazed by the power, camaraderie and friendship we all share even though we are miles away.

...I did have a little happy cry surrounded by the thoughts of these lovely Women and I thank each and every one of you out there for making this journey such an enjoyable experience...and for making this get a whole lot better =0)

Have a wonderful weekend, Ness xx


  1. Well you are very desearving of these beautiful gifts! Happy dance to you!

  2. Beautiful things happen to beautiful people Miss Ness! Enjoy your beautiful new treasures, they are ALL amazing:) Happy weekend ~ Txx

  3. They're gorgeous, Ness.

    You're obviously a lovely girlie to give to!

  4. Blogging friends truly are the best. You received some lovely little treasures.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. how sweet to have such beautiful friends!!!!!

  6. The gifts come from two beautiful woman and you my friend well deserve this! You have a heart of gold! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful girl! Enjoy deserve them! :)

  8. You just had one of those blessed blogging days where you are reminded why it is so much fun! Enjoy your lovely goodies and that Vicki is amazing. Have fun tomorrow with your family. XO

  9. ~*~*Such a wonderful surprise!! You are obviously loved Ness!! ;)Hugs, Rachel~*~*

  10. Hi Ness, I'm Raffaella of Melogranoantico... I need to know if you have received my order on Etsy...
    Please contact me by e-mail or with a comment on my blog...
    Thank you...

  11. What wonderful ladies to send such sweet gifts. You are a lovely and generous woman, Ness, and very well deserving of their appreciation and friendship. How very thoughtful! Enjoy a lovely weekend!

  12. Dear Ness!

    Thanks for the mention. The letter was so long on the way to you. You got wonderful gifts. I am with you!

    Hugs and a gorgeous weekend


  13. Oh, Ness, it even bought a tear to my eye. How gorgeous are they and thoughtful to send those beautiful gifts from half way around the world...but really Ness, you are also so special thats what happens.x

  14. Ness, how lovely all these precious things are! Sounds like they made your week an extra happy one, well deserved.
    Millie ^_^

  15. You must have blessed these ladies lives for them to in turn bless you the way they did. Your gifts are lovely.

  16. So lovely, I enjoyed opening them with you!!

  17. Lovely gifts and sweet packaging! I love my bloggy friendships. It always amazes me how we can all be so spread out in the world and we all seem to be so much the same.

    Amy R.

  18. Well as they say, you get back in life that which you put in. You clearly deserve these gorgeous delights! You lucky duck!
    X Briohny.


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