Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have you decided yet?

Don't want to alarm you all, but the Festive season is all but
11 weeks away! I know!!
So, I am getting all of my seasonal wrapping ideas in order (well trying to), and this paper from Cox & Cox is a must. It is perfect.

I think it will go wonderfully with a big luggage tag, sprig of pine
and one of my little clay acorns.
As I always mix pattern with brown paper parcels I am always looking for beautiful, simple ways of dressing craft paper and this lace sticky tape is also going on the list.
I imagine the brown paper, the lace tape
Some of my luggage Scandi tags.
What do you think?
Got you thinking about Christmas right?? Decided a theme for this year??
Ness xx
PS- thank you all so very much for the supportive emails, etsy messages and comments about my last post. I really appreciate your comments and your orders.
I promise I am making more.


  1. I love the simplicity of the paper. I just can't believe how this year has flown by.

  2. I LOVE Cox and Cox. They do gorgeous things,don't they?

    Love your scandi tags. Beautiful.

    Am I sounding like a broken record?!

  3. So gorgeous! I love the tags.


  4. I love it all, so gorgeous! I really like your clay tags, so amazing!!!


  5. The wrapping paper is fabulous...gets me excited for the holidays!!

  6. YAY!!! I was so excited to have my first comment today and the fact it was you was a special treat! Beautiful new pics...whats funny is that yesterday i put together a Christmas post, pics and all and right before posting it I chickened out! I was afraid I would scare people away! LOL!! But now seeing your head is where my was at, I feel better about it! Thanks for visiting me, xoxokpb

  7. Hi Precious!
    This makes me smile and glad to welcome the season. You always make me happy because you remind me of the simple magic!!

  8. Hi
    Well you have chosen the same paper as me - although I have only bought it in my head and not in reality - I love Cox & Cox and always add something for Christmas from their lovely brochure. Have you ever looked at Caroline Zoob website for christmas inspiration. Oh I wasn't go to say that word yet!
    hugs Jillx

  9. I see so many fabulous wrapping ideas as the season approaches that I think look so lovely, but somehow, I'm always drawn back to simple brown paper packaging. Sometimes I'll use bit of a old lace to trim them or sprigs of wintery greens, but the paper is a must. It's just so versatile!

    This year I've printed my own tags to attach and made the most adorable little brown paper bags for baked goods using simple lunch bags with old pastisserie ads printed on them. They're the simplest thing but just so charming!

  10. Ness they are gorgeous! You are so talented! Have a wonderful day! Lulu

  11. Love the paper, the tags, love it all!


  12. I love the tags. And that lace sticky tape is gorgeous, I haven't seen that before. I haven't thought about christmas yet, but now you have reminded me I am going to. I just love christmas time.

  13. Your clay tags are stunning. I also need to get myself some of that lace tape, gorgeous.

  14. Love it all Ness...but would especially like some of that patterned sticky tape....where do you get it?


  15. I love wrapping paper!!!!!!

  16. First, I can't believe the holidays are bearing down on us that fast (thank you for the reminder)! The lace tape is so pretty. The packages and tags look great together.

  17. Oh dear Ness...you´re taking my breath away!First of all I have to find out what to put inside the dressing paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*puh*
    tove ;P

  18. Ness they are divine. Where did you get that Lace tape it is gorgeous. Your tree will be stunning. Please please post some pics.

  19. Amazing how simple brown paper can be elegant.

  20. Hello Ness.....I am happy to say that I will be sending you a vintage postcard...can you email your address to vicki@vickiarcher.com

  21. I just discovered Cox and Cox and it made me want to redo my entire website (which I had just done!). But yes, I am in the mood and just bought my first rolls of Xmas wrap today!!!

  22. pretty & elegant! thank you for sharing.


  23. ...wish you had a store in Tasmania...my daughter is just days away from coming to your fair country!
    Love your acorn ornament...one of our christmas decor items is ACORNS!

  24. I love the brown paper and the lacy trim. Your tags are amazing. Thanks for getting me to think about Christmas.

  25. So many lovely ideas for wrapping the presents. I will have to put some more thought into choosing my wrapping paper and gift tags this year:)

  26. Love it all.

    The luggage scandi tags and acorn are beautiful.

    Just picked up a whole lot of japanese washi masking tapes from Borders, may go and look for something along the lines of that lace one.

    You are too, too talented.

    Sandy K


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