Monday, October 4, 2010

Lock Down Results...

As promised the results of the 'Lock down' I had recently.
I did mention it wasn't as productive as I had hoped, but I did get a few new things made. Some for the shop, some for me and some things that have nothing to do with being creative
...stuff that just needed doing.
As I was taking shots for some of the Christmas items, I thought I would snip some little pieces of one of our pines and tie it with this gorgeous French ribbon I have. It looked so good against our fireplace in the kitchen that I will have to do a larger one when the time comes.
I have made 2 of these stockings to start with. The star on them is made with my 100 + year old Belgian linen. I love these and may make some for our own home this year if I get time.

Next up are these clay tags.
Now, these are much larger than the other ones. They measure 6.5cm across and I have used my French text stamp as a background with JOY over the top.
These have not been listed yet...soon though.
They are also available in red. The letters have been hand painted by me.

There is also NOEL.
Now, I did have these and the JOY (in red) listed, but 11 minutes after they went onto the SHOP, they sold...all of them!!!
So now I have to make more.
There will be LOVE as well and they all come in a set of 2. Oh and some Scandinavian ones too!
This is reason I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I hand embroidered all of this panel...freehand too! No patterns involved here, just made it up as I went along.
As you can see it is a longer lumbar type cover and the ends are in the softest blue linen. It is gorgeous and this shot does not do it justice. I just used a squishy pillow to fill it and it worked well.
Will be listed shortly.

Another made-it-up-as-I-went cover!
And another reason I didn't get as much done that day. This one is also hand embroidered by me. Will be listed shortly too.

I think it looks wonderful in my favourite chair too.
The rest of this cover is a wonderful blue ticking.
So, you see not as much done as I had planned but I was happy with what was achieved. I did make some of my regular covers as well and there is still a new cover which I am almost finished and will show you soon.
I would love to hear what you think as this is a slightly new direction for me and The Shop and it is always great to hear what you all think.
Now I need to attend to my severely sun burnt back/shoulders!!!
Ness xx


  1. The cushion in that last shot is gorgeous and I love the red and white Christmas tags.

  2. Love your cushions, all of this christmas preparation is terrifying me, 2010 has past by so fast!!

  3. you are sooo clever - I love the cushions and of course the tags are a delight - off to the shop now le

  4. OMG, you are so clever. I can't believe the stuff you make, it is unbelievably amazing. You should be so proud of yourself, your work is beautiful.

  5. ness the shop link in the last para is not working - might be me :) le

  6. Love the Joy tags the red looks great no wonder they all sold.

    And you are a very clever embroiderer. Do you mark out that pattern at all? It is all so even. Well done.

  7. I love love love the hand embroidered cushions. So pretty x x

  8. Dear Ness, you always find so wonderful fabrics and laces. It's possible, that we change the shops and fleamarkets ..... sometimes??! :-)


    VINTAGE xx

  9. LOVE your clay tags - fabulous! I am in awe at your embroidery - it's been said before, but you are SO talented and clever. Am scooting over to the shop this minute! xx

  10. Ness they are all gorgeous. I am gobsmacked by your cleverness. I think the clay Christmas tags will be such a hit. I think it looks like you had a very productive time.

  11. I thinking the new direction you are taking with your shop is going to be very successful.
    I love the clay tags. I can just see a little Christmas tree covered in these.

    Your embroidered pillows are beautiful and they won't last long.

    Everything you do is sheer loveliness.


  12. Love the clay tags, I can see why they sold so quickly, and your embroidered pillows are just beautiful, your very talented! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  13. These are so deliciously gorgeous. I could literally gobble them all up. Oozing with style.

    Well done.

    I'd call that a pretty good lock-in!

    I've just been having a cushion-making session too! I've just been posting the results up on Modern Country Style, if you want to have a peep.

  14. I see why those tags sold out so quickly. They are wonderful. The embroidery work is stunning!!!!! It's so delicate and so very pretty.

  15. My name is Kara and Im a newbie at this blogging! I have an Interior Design business in Texas and your site is listed on my page as one of my FAVS!!! Your page and all your work is BEAUTIFUL and inspiring! I LOVE WHITE ROMANTIC, I just dont have it in my home because of my 2 kids and 2 dogs, aaaaand the husband too! I hope to hear from you and would love for you to visit my blog at Look forward to your page daily:-) xoxokpb

  16. The tags are wonderful and I love the cushions. I can see why the tags sold so quickly. You will have a hard time keeping them in stock.

  17. Pretty things.I love the clay tags.The ones in black really cute.Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love those tags! Not surprised they sokld so fast. And those pillows- well they are awesome. You are one talented lady!

  19. Ness! your new pillows and tags are gorgeous.The hand embroidery is stunning, you just get better and better.

  20. I know I've said it before over the years, but I just need to say it again - Ness you are AMAZING!
    Millie ^_^

  21. Hi, I think you are spending your time very well, because your embroidered pillows are so pretty!


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