Thursday, February 9, 2012

The King Auction....a tragic story

For those you you who may be unaware of Lisa Kings plight, 
here is a quick run-down...
Last October Lisa and her husband, Aaron lost their Son, Noah.
Noah was disabled and Lisa and Aaron and their 3 little boys had to watch this child they love pass away.
If you have children you would know that this is something you hope to never had to deal with.
In January 2012, the Kings went on their Family Summer holiday, reconnecting with each other and trying to get through a difficult time in their life without Noah
after a wonderful day of fishing and swimming at the beach, Lisa's devoted Husband, Aaron
came in out of breath and collapsed to the floor and was unable to be resuscitated.
Aaron had passed away from a massive heart attack.
How could this happen right?
After loosing their much loved child, now Lisa and her three little boys had to now cope with the loss of a soul mate and a Dad as well as their Brother.
The Blogging and Facebook community as well as communities at large have rallied around Lisa and her children by raising money to help pay for basic needs and to help with the cost of two funerals.
Over $30,000+ has been raised to date and now their is
on Facebook, hosted by Seven Cherubs.
If you head their right now, you can see a wonderful range of items donated by businesses,
to help Lisa and her Family through what could only be described as a heartbreaking time.
All money raised will go straight to Lisa and her boys.
It's a brilliant cause.
Thank you xx


  1. Oh my gosh, how horrible...I can't even imagine! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. This is the saddest thing I have heard. So sorry for this family.
    They are in my prayers.

  3. what a can be incredibly cruel and horrible sometime

  4. Life can be so hard and unfair. My heart goes out to the King family. ♥

    Anette Willemine


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