Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Boutique Weekend...

So, once again I took Marley & Lockyer to Hobart for the always lovely
Boutique Markets and laid out my heart and soul on a table.
My new Ampersand made its début too...

as did my re-newed ceiling board boxes that my Dad made for me ages ago.
They needed a little something, so I 'wall papered' the backs with these hand printed papers
that I picked up from Ecoco in Launceston when I bought the Ampersand.
The weather was brisk, we stayed in the 'Hotel that Jack built' and the boys went up to play in the snow that
had peppered Mt Wellington while I was manning the stall.

On the way to Hobart, however, we made a stop off at the
Longford Revival
which was for Mic and the boys.
It was quite good actually (except for the enormous food stall lines)
and I took loads of photos for Mic of his favourite cars like this one above of a Ford Cortina (his fave).
We even got up close with Dick Johnson
(who is a motor racing legend here in Australia).  

All in all, it was a lovely trip and I even got to be a stall neighbour with the delightful 
I didnt get to visit the other stalls, but being next to Soph was a great excuse to get one of her rings. Its lovely.
Thank you to for so many of you for stopping by and saying hi, having a chat and purchasing.
It is always nice to meet you face-to-face.


  1. Folks have got to just be going crazy seeing all that!

  2. You were so busy when I popped by that I thought I had better not interrupt. Your stall looked so lovely! I hope the day went well for you :)

  3. I was so thrilled we had so much time to chat, Ness. You stall looked divine, as always. And I adore my new cushion and tags! J x

  4. Hi Ness,

    Everything at your stall looked stunning. One day I will have to come and have a look in person! The props you used just finish everything off really nicely.

    You certainly packed a lot into your weekend. Hope you are kicking back and relaxing.

    Take care


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