Friday, April 20, 2012

Re-animations...and a secret I can't share just yet...

Crazy times here!
As you may know, we are in the thick of the bathroom renovation, 
and I can say, we are nearing the end.
Our clawfoot bath arrives on Sunday, the new/old vanity has its primer coat on, new shower rail is being made as we speak, floor tiles for the bathroom are ready to rock,
all walls are painted, new Laundry room has the floors tiled and all switches and lights are installed.
Including a new chandelier for the main part of the bathroom. 
I am holding off showing you where we are until it looks a little prettier
-there are ladders, buckets, paint tins etc everywhere!

I am also frantically making at the moment, in between painting and helping Mic in the bathroom.
Today I actually taught 6 Zumba classes in a row, so I am a little sleepy right now and 
if I ramble, this is why ;0)
While I have been making, I have gone back through past Marley & Lockyer designs and re-animated them.
You may remember my hand dyed covers (see above)?
Well I made another batch yesterday. I forgot how much I like these ones.

There has also been some playing about with new clay in the new kiln, 
which has been named 'Kitty' (thanks Jane for the name!)
Here is a fresh batch of goodies.
I have some new porcelain, which I am dying to have a play with,
but it will have to wait for the moment.
My poor office looks like a bomb went off!
All of this making is coming with me and my lovely helper Sarah to
The Market....

that's what it is actually called, The Market.
People think I am repeating myself when I say it!
It will be held on Sunday from 10-3pm in the Old Masonic Hall in Hobart

I will be the one doing this!
pic courtesy of Lily Field Life blog
who came and visited me at the Sydney market I attended recently.

There is also something HUGE, I mean H.U.G.E brewing here at The Old Lady, 
and I am busting to tell you all, but you will have to be I am trying to be =0/
Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are.


  1. WOW Ness - you make me feel like an absolute lightweight! Everything that you do and create (FAB cushion btw) AND you teach Zumba classes as well? A-MAZING. Dying to hear your secret and equally looking forward to seeing the new bathroom - so much to look forward to next week - Hurrah! Have a great weekend. x

  2. hi Ness, (love that photo of you and your lovely stuff) Can't wait to hear your news. I was actually thinking of you today as I bought an old dresser and it had the drawers full of vintage (but new unused) hankies. all divine. was thinking you could make something with them?? what's your address? I'll post them if you want them.
    good luck with the renovations.
    cheers Fiona

  3. Can't wait to hear your news! Your pillow is so inviting, love the color palette. Enjoy the weekend. -Al

  4. That does sound very exciting! close to being all finished can't wait to see some pics of the new bathroom with the luxurious claw foot bath!

  5. Hi Ness,

    I couldn't help but feel slightly blown away that you are nearing the end of the bathroom reno. We always have good intentions when we are doing things but something always happens to slow us down and by that I mean S-L-O-W. Made all the more painful as we lived in the mess.

    The kitchen reno only took us 6 months, 6 months only cooking with an electric fry pan with five of us....ah....good times!!! You've put us to shame.

    Safe travelling, and I know your market stall will be a success.

    Don't keep us hanging with your BIG news for too long!!!! PLLLLEEEAASSE!

    Take care

  6. Can't wait to see that tub and hear your news

  7. Ooh, I'm so stoked you named her Kitty, Ness! Can't wait to see you tomorrow...J x


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