Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Days here have been cold, really cold,
but I have been plugging away getting stock levels up
and answering a sea of emails and enquiries
since the Magazine, Country Style came out
this month.
Today I spent most of the day making the 
Inspire Series tags and these sweet little wings
had just been done (unfinished here).
It has been lovely to be able to sit in the 'Sweat Shop'
and indulge in making what I love...

it has meant that my bed has looked even more inviting than usual.
The cold is making me want to crawl in here for a nap when the afternoon sun hits.
It is very tempting!

The early morning frosts have been showing their faces and smothering my 
workroom window with little ice crystals.
I can't wait to get into the new workroom has a fire!

Oh, I am pleased to say that i have finally joined Instagram 
(where all of these shots that I took are, and many more..I'm hooked)
and if you would like to follow me there, my instagram name is
...see you there.


  1. sweet little angel wings and that bed would certainly call my name!

  2. Gorgeous wings, Ness. And yes, that bed looks so very cosy and inviting. I love this time of year, don't you? Happy creating x

  3. Oh to have a fire in a workroom - how perfect! I bet you are just run off your feet after the mag story. That's fantastic. You'll need a lot of firewood!

  4. Those little wings are adorable. Keep snuggled up by the fire and I'll be cranking up the air conditioning!


  5. Those wings are gorgeous I must get one for my sister does it come on broach?

  6. Just beautiful little bits of clay happiness!

    And fires are such a wonderful way to push the chill back and feel so comfy!

    Howdy from your 2400th follower! :)


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