Friday, August 10, 2012

Letting the sunshine in....

Days here are starting to get longer,
and I am noticing more and more pockets of warming light through 
our "Old Lady".
They are hanging about for much longer.
My vintage Chaise has been moved, yet again, to up the hall way where it once was.
I love it here, seeing it as we walk in our door.

It is also that time where windows are about to be washed,
ready for the warming Spring sun.
The search is still on for some new curtains for these doors,
I may have found something though, but will wait to see them in the 
flesh before I decide to bring them home.
Do you ever see something you love and then see it in the flesh, and it is
not what you first thought?
That has happened a few times with fabric for this room.
Hopefully this one is THE one and I can get on with
letting the sunshine in.


  1. Oh wow! Such lovely images of your home! Isn't it wonderful when the light starts to shine in?!?! Just love it! :)

    Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend!


  2. I buy so much stuff online and on ebay...I feel pretty lucky to not suffer too much that daybed!

  3. Isn't it amazing how a little sunshine makes us feel good. I love that cute!

  4. that happens to me all the time ness, things can look so different in your own home. Looking forward to summer and the warmer weather also!

  5. Just beautiful photos Ness. I can so feel the warming sun from them..
    Good luck for your curtains search

  6. Your images are just so ethereal and beautiful! Such gorgeous lighting - it's like being in a gorgeous dream. LOVE your chaise. I'm sure that your curtains will be perfect - your taste is absolutely sublime!
    Paula xxx

  7. Hi Ness...such stunning photos...xv

  8. My Grandmother has a chaise very similar. It was called a miner's couch. The miner's could disassemble the chaise and take it with them as they moved around. It's almost like the first type of flat pack furniture. My sister has the lounge now.


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