Monday, August 13, 2012

Wander with your head in the clouds...

I have been doing anything but.
Right now the workroom is buzzing with orders,
new work, custom work and today...a little something extra for
the upcoming 2 day Design Market, 
These pure linen canvases will be coming with me to Niche and I 
have a few more designs as well.
It was nice to do something different today,
cleared some creative cobwebs.

Tomorrow, will be back to wrapping orders and making more stock for the store
Niche and stocking up on Christmas.
I really am looking forward to a little holiday =0)

Instagram -@marleyandlockyer


  1. Adorable! Love the wrapping on the second photo, so many wonderful layers and textures :) Congrats on your shop, looks great!

  2. what a cute little book...those patterns remind me so much of my mother...I had to lay down on them and get them my size..very fond memory

  3. Beautiful canvas. I also love the wrapping in your second photo. Gorgeous style.

  4. Your packaging and sweet details are so cute! I love the mix of textures and color shades. So elegant yet funky and vintage all in one!
    We love the mix of elements at Down Home Antiques!


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