Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Spring sprucing.....

Realising that it has been nearly a week since I last blogged, made me think of where this week has gone!
After a successful Niche Market where the new Bright's range went extremely well, I came home and fell in a heap.....a heap of fabric and clay dust!
My studio looked like a bomb hit it,
so I took a day off from Marley & Lockyer to get it sorted.
I have still to hang my drawing of the Renaissance Woman (above), but the room is clean!
Today I walked in there and felt like I was in control again
having everything in it's right spot sets me up for a productive day.
Are you like that?

I did manage to squeeze in some shopping and found these cannisters at Target
which were $19.00 reduced to $3.83
....I bought 3!
as well as a lovely chunky wicker basket for $9, which is the perfect size
for our magazine stash in the living room.
The Spring cleaning bug seems to have hit and I am filling the house with
flowers, like these Irises....

...and this cute Sweet William
which is on my office desk.
It is a little reminder that Spring will soon be here
-along with loads more cleaning, and our Family holiday
eeek! can't wait!!!!
Have you started the cleaning thing yet?

all images taken by me


  1. I love that little sweet William! The end of summer here in Virginia. I need to clean desperately, but need inspiration. I especially want to wash all my windows... Enjoy the holiday and spring!

  2. I wouldn't know where to start. In fact, I decided to spread out my arts and crafts across my dining room table, because I am tired of putting everything away. I tend not to want to get it out again, so my art suffers. It is painful to see but handy.

  3. How lovely to be looking forward to Spring - over here in the UK we are just beginning to feel the first chill of Autumn in the air! I love your bargain buys and the flowers are divine too. Would love to see your magazine storage basket - I never seem to have enough baskets or stylish containers to store my HUGE stash of magazines in. I had a shoot at the house yesterday, and ended up heaving piles of them into black bin liners and storing them in my car until the photographer had left - I was far too embarrassed to let her see how the are usually piled up around the house!!!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  4. You finished the drawing its gorgeous Ness! ) Oh I need to clean still rehersing so havent had chance to organise anything of late will start once the show has finished :)

  5. Such eye candy here today, happy Spring honey, love Posie

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