Thursday, August 23, 2012

New 'Bright's' range....

Spring is upon us
and to celebrate, I have released the new
Bright's range from Marley & Lockyer.
All of the favourites in some bright, zesty colours.
Don't worry though, the whites and neutrals are still there too =0)

As well as the Bright's range, there is also the new 
Eye Chart Ampersand Brooch
in Myrtle wood.
This is already gearing up to be a best seller this season!

The Bright's range also includes a new selection of earrings.
New designs and textures
and can be worn when swimming/showering, so are
perfect for the Summer months ahead.

The new Hoop art is also moving fast
and these hoops come in various sizes from 24 inches down to 6 inches.
Each hoop is made with linen, vintage linen or decorator fabrics that
have been screen printed with
The boy on the right is one of my original pencil drawings on cotton.

If you happen to be in Launceston on Friday & Saturday,
you will be able to see the new Bright's range as well as the new Spring/Summer
range before it is released in store.
If you can't make Niche -All Wrapped Up,
then you will be able to see it all in the Store on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend =0)


  1. my mother once made a small fortune selling hoops like that in the Speigel the owls!

  2. Hello Ness, my name is Emilia Miguez, and I´m writting to you from Moreno city, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Love your work, what you do is awesome, very delicate. I was wondering if you could possibly tell me how you prepare the tags, the preocess that requires each product. I haven´t seen anything like that here, and as you don´t ship worlwide maybe you could tell me your recipe. WON´T TELL ANYONE. thank you so much. And again great work!!

  3. Love them all when can we have you back?!

  4. Its awesome work. Although its made by wood but the stunning colors and design is looking like its made with clay doe.


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