Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wrapping it up....

The days are getting longer here
and with that comes a renewed
energy and drive to create.

Which is just as well, as Christmas production is in full swing!

Lot's and lot's of tags are being made while I 
'stock up' before we head off on our much anticipated Family holiday
to warmer skies...and much warmer waters!
I am trying to get everything done before we leave,
otherwise I won't be able to relax
...and I need to have some down time with my Family.

but, in the meantime, I am gearing up for the two day design market
in Launceston-
It starts this Friday from 4-8pm then again on Saturday from 10am-3pm
and I can't wait.
I will be releasing the
Lot's of new pieces to show
....eek! =0))


  1. Beautiful! I love my snowflake tags that I bought from you last year.

  2. You have been a very busy artist!

  3. Loving the latest range, Ness. I hope Niche is a smashing success. J x

  4. Good luck at the upcoming show! The snowflakes look lovely! N.xo

  5. what kind of stamps do you use for these? what's the recipe for the dough?


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