Monday, November 24, 2008

Some Kind Of Wonderful...

This glorious home belongs to David & Susan White. He is a baker and she owns antique store Good & White. Their Cape Cod style home is a testament to the fact that you don't need to go overboard and buy expensive things to have a wonderful Christmas. Even their decorations are natural and the colour scheme of the home. The shell garland around the tree is actually little shells with white lights!
I could imagine this all lit up at night...with Christmas lights and without. Cape Cod houses just have an air of elegance to them without being out of reach. Anyone could own one.

The simple, casual feel of the home starts at the front door. Black door with no fussy hardware, simple lines of the bench and botanical prints, introduce you to the casual scheme throughout.

The living room is a delight and I love the stepped fire hearth. Susan wanted it this way to create a seat up close to the warmth of the fire. All of the elements to this room, any one can do. White slip covered lounges in Cotton Duck (very affordable), garland over the fireplace from the tree outside, an old pine table with the legs cut off for a coffee table (look in junk shops), a pine chest of drawers in the corner (look in one of your bedrooms or your Grans house) and recycled pieces- from the bricks on the fireplace, to the old weather vane used as a sculptural piece, add interest and bring some warmth into this white setting....btw, I love those quilted stockings...he he!


  1. Just found you .... beautiful blog.

  2. Oh you know me Ness - anything that's not too tricked up or styled to within an inch of its life does it for me, so just love this! Millie ^_^

  3. There's something so appealing about simple, neutral setting with rustic antique furniture. Love that tree - wish I could find shell garlands here in Australia like that.

  4. My favourite kind of Christmas decorating. Uncluttered and as you put it "unfussy" LOVE IT!

    Anna :)

  5. Love it, so simple and elegant. Mel xxx


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