Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What do I want...?

Don't know!!
Mic asked me tonight what I want for my Birthday which is on Tuesday. Now, normally I can come up with a bevy of ideas, but right now......stumped! A holiday would be nice, but not do-able at the moment. Maybe a lovely old Louis chair would be nice, but too hard to find. So you see my dilemma? What am I going to suggest? I do have the usual suspects on the page...perfume, music, book etc.
Mic always says he just has to read my blog to get ideas, so maybe you should do that Mic, or check my Favourites on my Etsy Shoppe, cause I cant all!
Ness xx


  1. Well that's kind of a nice dilemma to have I think! It means you probably are pretty satisfied with everything in your life right now. I'm hinting from my family that I want a Kitchenaid mixmaster, but given that they are hideously expensive here in Australia, I don't like my chances.

  2. Holiday, Lovely Old Louis Chair Sounds very nice. If you can't think about anything .. why don't you leave it up to Your sweetheart(smile) Just tell him to surprise you. "Happy Birthday in advance" in case I don't get to wish you Happy birthday on Tuedday.

    Julie EJ

  3. You could alwys have a holiday in France and buy a louis chair while you are here.......

  4. I hope you had a great matter what you did!

  5. You deserve the best birthday of all! xo - Noel

  6. Hi Ness~

    I am sure Mic will surprise you with something you love, sometimes surprises are the best.
    ~Miss Kris~

  7. The lovely picture of the canopy and all it's trimmings would make a nice gift...Have the very happiest of Birthdays!

  8. i am sure you will come up with something soon enough!
    i always think hiring an amazing photographer to shoot you would be a great way to memorialize your youth & beauty. nothing like an amazing photo shoot to make a great gift!

  9. Ness, no wonder I feel you are such a kindred spirit - my birthday is next Thursday. It all makes sense now - you're a Taurean with a lovely sense of style. Lee :)

    P.S. I am sure that whatever Mic chooses for you it will be beautiful.

  10. Happy Birthday Sweet One!
    This post is Beautiful! You are the gift already figured out...being content is something one cannot buy. I know Mic will give you something very special!
    Have a Happy Happy Birthday!
    p.s. Come to California and Noel and I will take you to Bountiful!!
    btw... love that house you posted yesterday!!

  11. I've decided blogs are the best 'hint lists' for friends for present ideas because it is usually where you post stuff you don't have and want! Me? I've been lucky enough to score a necklace from my sister I posted about from 'Blue Moss' for Christmas and just recently some beautiful friends bought me a tiffany and co bracelet i've been drooling over forever for my birthday. Happy Birthday for Tuesday! x

  12. Loving Tassie like I do, what about a couple dozen of Stefano Lubiana's Pinot Noir? A couple of glasses of this Ness & all becomes right with the world!
    Millie ^_^

  13. happy early birthday ness!!!


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