Monday, May 30, 2011

Winter Knits....

Hello again!
After another busy week I found some time today to add some warmth to our home.
Remember I mentioned getting the rug out for our living room and 'cocooning' a bit?
As you can see above, I brought out the rug and my white knitted throw and what a difference it made straight away.

The sun was perfect in here today.
It has been really, really cold here as we only have a day of Autumn left.

So, I sat in the sun for a little while and enjoyed a coffee in the sunlight.

While I was sitting, I realised that we needed more cushions!
...and a new couch cover to be made.
The couch cover will have to wait for a few weeks while I tackle some other projects first.

Recently, I had a huge clean out of all our wardrobes and have bags and bags of clothes for the local charity shop.....but I did think, while sitting in that sun, that maybe I could use some of my knitted old jumpers and cardigans to make some covers.
So, I did. The grey one you see here was a cardigan I adored and thought it would make the perfect addition to our Winter cushion collection.
I only had time to whip up one, but I did salvage some other knits from the bags to be turned into covers very soon =0)

While the sun was pouring in our French doors, I thought I would give you a 'peek' of our 'new room'.
This room is ear marked for a paint makeover soon, but for now it is OK.
You will get a better look at it when I am ready to paint. I have some old/new pieces coming for the room that will be also getting makeovers and I am looking forward to that!

One day left until Winter hits. I think I am ready!!
all images by me


  1. Wundersachön!Schöne Woche!Luciene.

  2. Ness - Your living room is a very lovely, comfortable space and I love your new sweater pillow cover!! Kris

  3. What a wonderful warm and inviting. Love the new rug and throw!!

  4. Knit cushions in the right colour (grey and beige of course) can sometimes trump a linen for me...yours is yum scrum xx

  5. Lovely, that couch and coffee looks very inviting.

  6. Hi Ness,
    Just finished reading the posts I had missed, so lovely to read it all at once, and I also kept an old knitted sweater to make into a cushion, although that is to me a Project with a capital P, since sewing is not something that comes natural to me, but looking at your photo I think when it starts to get colder here, and you will be then walking in the sunshine, I will tackle this. Have a good wednesday,

  7. It is all looking beautifull Ness The white blankets is looking great.. I just took out my rug for the summer ;)

  8. How inviting.
    Enjoy those sunny moments. Do you like home mags??
    I'm a bit addicted. But blogging has helped.

  9. So cold here! Love your "wintery" inspired posts!


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