Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tickle The Imagination Magazine feature!!!

For those of you that are after a great on-line magazine, especially about the handmade, creative talents that abound, you should check out
Full of gorgeous Design market where abouts, great handmade and artisan discoveries
and very soon......

that's right, these little babies have been photographed for the up coming issue
which will be released on November 1st.
The photographs have been taken by the very talented Jo Llewellyn from
here is a little sneak peak....

The brief was for Jo to style a Beach Christmas table setting.
I love the tags with all of the drift wood, candles, blue serving ware and shell balls.
Just goes to show, these little tags can be used in any setting.
I am so excited about the November issue coming out...cant wait to see the rest of the shots!
In the meantime, check out the on-line magazine HERE and see some more of Jo's work like the shot at the top of this post...gorgeous!


  1. Well go you, Ness! What an honour to be featured but it's so justly deserved. I'm thrilled for you. my friend. J x

  2. Well done Ness, your clay tags are lovely and you make so many of them!!! You deserve a spot in a magazine. ;-)

  3. They look fabulous Ness, bravo!

    Leeann x

  4. Very nice! What a honor for you!

  5. So lovely Ness. I really think that your tags are darling and they will sell fast. You're gonna be busy.


  6. Oh, the tags are precious. They look amazing in the photos! You must be so excited to have your work in such a beautiful magazine! I'm over to take a look now!


  7. Well done! I see some of your gorgeous tags over at A-M's this morn. Have a great day! x

  8. Wow!!! they look just gorgeous :)xc

  9. Well done, Ness! I love your sweet tages and they look fabbbbulous in these photos.
    xo isa

  10. They are soooooo divine - and A-M gave you a lovely plug today over on the House that A-M Built - yay for both of you great creative ladies!

  11. Oh how lovely. Ness, they look fantastic. Love your work.

  12. So inspired and lovely!! I do prints, canvas, greeting cards and posters about fashion, you´r invited to see my work :)

    By the way love your blog and follow you!! :)

  13. I adore your tags Ness.....all of them! xv

  14. Congratulations Ness, so happy for you! They are fabulous! Happy I dropping in to see you!

  15. Congratulations Ness! They couldn't have picked a better thing! Those tags are very cute!!!! Maryanne xo

  16. Well done, you!!! So happy for you:) Your tags look absolutely gorgeous in the photos!! Thanks for the link to the mag...am off to have a peak, with crochet hook in hand ;) Happy weekend, lovely ~ xx

  17. Thanks again for agreeing to me putting the tags in the shoot Ness, they look really great in the scheme that I created, they are very tactile and added just the right amount of texture ;-) There are many more photo's and I put some of your 'believe' doves in too, so I can't wait to see the finished article when it comes out on November 1st.


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