Monday, January 9, 2012

The hunt for a studio....

Mic and I have been thinking ahead of what will be of Marley & Lockyer.
One thing is for sure...I need more space!!
Now, I could do the old 'move into a new room of the house, take over it and re invent the old room',
but let's face it...I have done that many times before and it hasn't met the needs of M&L.
SO, we have been looking at a barn of some sort, or a re-invent of an outdoor space we already have.
We are not sure yet and are only in the thinking-outside-of-the-walls mode.

I have looked at bespoke and kit studio spaces, but we need this space to be a multifunctional space, so one the garage-come-studios would be perfect
...BUT, everything here in Australia is not to our liking...and tin or colourbond. Not for us or The Old Lady.
The ones we love are from the U.K as they have that old world aesthetic about them...and are clad in Oak.

This one of Tricia Foley's is wonderful. It is like a mini version of our home.

I would love my studio to be all white like this....

and it would have LOADS of storage space for my growing collection of twine.
This is not someones studio, but it would do nicely...and it is white.
I have a file with images saved of all the plans etc that I love and meet our needs and it may just come down to getting a DIY Australian frame and clad it in Oak to get the U.K versions feel.

Here is the one that I really love.
An upstairs level which would be studio/work space and the below level could be part time car storage and product storage and double as a seasonal 'Pop-Up Shop' (which you know I am dying to do).
At present our garage is a unpainted, steel garage with a side attachment which is mainly used as wood storage for the big fire in the kitchen and in Summer as a makeshift entertainment area.
We have spoke of converting this!
I don't really care at the moment what it is, but it has to have space for a big, long bench like this size with shelves along the bottom..but it would be white, not chippy like this.
A slab roller at one end and my sewing machine at the other,

as well as loads of drawers and, of course, shelves!
But for now....

me-Ness Lockyer
I will plan in my current room "The Sweat Shop" and hope for a lotto win!!
If any of my Australian readers know of such a company (that will ship to Tassie), please let me know.
I would be very grateful =0)


  1. I love all of your ideas and inspiration pics. I especially like the idea of a garage with workspace above. How great would that be!

  2. Ness, think outside the square...or house and try cubby houses
    This place also makes timber sheds. Not sure if they operate in Tassie but you can make a call to find out
    Good luck, I can't wait to see what you end up with

  3. Oh, there's this one too
    Good luck

  4. HI Ness,

    I hope you find a shed to fit all of your needs.....I'm afraid I'm not much of a help with any information. I will say, I wish we had a lot more of the archetecture detail that other countries have, I wish more people would embrace it. It just seems here, even some builders can't see the big picture and aren't keen to do anything but build a square box!

    We can be so nieve with our first homes, not realising how much life changes with the years and sometimes we require more than what they can give. I absolutely love the first picture and can only hope one day to have a garden so bountiful and beautiful. Instead, at the moment, I have a weed pit that I just can't seem to get a good crack at...never mind, tomorrow is another day.

    Can't wait to see what you do, hoping you share when the time is right!

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

    Take care

  5. Hmmm, what about little kit homes.. I have some on file, will look them up on main computer tomorrow... Ooh can you add us to that list you FB'd about too? X

  6. ness,

    i just did in my bathroom at the store
    a long open bench/shelving system like the one you show from pinterst {chippy white}
    mine of course is black.
    yours will look awesome in white.

    do it. it is just to practical.

    thank you for the comment xxx

  7. I love the first image...the perfect garage with extra space you need - full of charm and character!! The space with all of the drawers would certainly help me keep my New Year's resolution of organization...wonderful!!

  8. Those all look dreamy to me! Love the little cottage in the first picture...but I also like the idea of the upstairs office and the garage/workshop space below...that would really be amazing.

  9. Have you looked at Storybook Cottages? We really liked their designs and flexibility and they seem to have a franchise in Tasmania. They might be able to do something that would meet your needs...

  10. Hi, I catch up with your blog in Google Reader - I was going to say Storybook Cottages but see that Corrinne beat me to it. Also there is (even though it's not oak you could always paint the pine white)... and (the Old Mill looks nice)... and these look really lovely. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  11. Hi - my first visit to your blog - really beautiful and really my style ... look forward to following you. I third the Storybook Cottage option - I stayed at a B&B in Mittagong and they built their cottage and were flexible with plans... you can see a pic of the property I stayed at here ...


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