Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weird and whimsical week...

What a crazy week!
I have been really ill this last week and 
took stock of the situation, and decided I needed to have a some time
to myself to unwind and get me health on track.
The only thing that seemed logical, was to sit and draw!
I love drawing and haven't done it in a long time.
So this is what I drew...Lena & the Swan.
It is actually an unfinished drawing from Leonardo DaVinci that I finished for him
...bit cheeky I know.
What a wonderful time I had drawing again. All in all it took about 6 hours, spread over 3 nights to complete. I will be adding her to my art wall I think.

 As well as drawing, I did 'work'
Quite a few loads of clay that I finally got around to listing on
most of which have gone already =0)

Today however, Mic and I took the boys on a little
road trip with Mic's Parents to the quaint little town of
Penguin. The day was so nice...very relaxing, just what I needed.
Here I finally got to visit one of 
It was so wonderful to be able to see this gorgeous shop in the flesh and of course the beautiful Nat, who owns and runs Nest. Nest is now replenished with some more Marley & Lockyer goodies, including
the new bowls and tags, brooches and earrings!

We had lunch in an amazing little cafe called, Renaissance.
The whole cafe is white with pressed tin ceilings, stained glass windows, white Eames chairs and these beautifully whimsical lights throughout.
The food was lovely and the coffee - divine!
My kind of place to eat!!
If you ever get the chance to visit the town of Penguin here in Tasmania, I highly recommend eating 
at Renaissance and visiting Nest.
Tell the lovely Ladies I said 'hi' back to normal this week =0)


  1. Ness you have got to be kidding me twice! You are wonderfully talented. Amazing! AND in Amarillo Texas a friend of mine has Next AND the Nat..both antique stores on the famous Route 66 that winds through America. Hope you feel better each day!

  2. You draw too?
    I'm always amazed at your talents.
    So sorry to hear that you have been sick, but I'm glad to know that you are taking care of yourself.
    Your day in Penguin sounds perfect.


  3. I've not been well this week either. Ugh! Hope you're feeling better now. That drawing is incredible, Ness. You are amazing! I didn't get to go to Penguin when we were in Tassie but I'll definitely put it on my to do list for next time. Those stained glass windows in that cafe are gorgeous!! Hope you ahve a lovely week, Ness xx

  4. I haven't been to Penguin in such a long time, but I have heard of Nest. I love the look/sound of that cafe, those decorative windows are stunning. As is your drawing Ness!
    Have a great week x

  5. Ness,

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, taking a little r & r time for yourself is so important. Hard to do I know when you have a trillion things going on at once. Your drawing is stunning too!

    Take care


  6. Glad to see your well again Ness, WOW you are an incredible artist!! Im having a great give away that might cheer you up a little.
    Have a great week!!

  7. I think it is so neat that you live in Tasmania. I just said to someone about a week ago, with all the economic mess going on in the States and Europe, we should all buy a one way ticket to Tasmania. I'd love to know more about it from someone who lives there. Is is very cold there now? We are burning up where I live, in fact, a good part of the U.S. is sweltering.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to mention that DaVinci also had a beautiful unfinished horse I'd love to see again.

  9. Oh Sweets, I wondered how long you could sustain that pace. I'm so glad your health is picking up now and that you have been able to have some time out. J x

  10. gorgeous drawing. thanks for the photos of nest they are one of our stockists too and I have always wanted to see the store and penguin too . looks like a trip will have to planned when we are back in Australia

  11. Wow, that drawing is amazing. You are very talented. Wish I could draw. I had a lesson from my five year old niece today in how to draw a kookaburra. I kid you not!

    Sandy K


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